Saturday, July 31, 2021

The Summer's Farmer's Markets...

Thursday we took a chance at the Washington Farmer's market.  Selling soap in the evening, especially when we have been pushing the reputation as the "bakery tent", seemed like it might not work.   But lo and behold! We managed to sell a few bars and make the market seem "ok".   

Mostly, it was a trial run for the new Soaps Cheryl has been working on.   We had to adjust the price for the larger bar.  And we also upgraded out cash intake system with a credit card reader.  It is hard to believe that these things barely existed 15 years ago.  And they were HUGE!  ( Thinking back to the Carving days, we toyed with the idea of investing in a credit card reader.) Our first purchase at the Washington Market was a credit card and it worked easy peasy!

Today,  was Kalona's Farmer's Market.  And the air has finally turned for the better.  A light rain last night helped cool things off with cooler temps hanging out for most of the show. I got to comfortably wear a light jacket the entire show and did not overheat at all.  Cheryl was even a little cold in her short sleeve shirt.  The rain held off and all that was needed was the people. 

But the first several hours were rather slow.  Perhaps folks were enjoying the  cooler temps at home, instead of engaging in a distant farmer's market.   But we did manage to sell a few bars.   18 in total!   And although that is not a HUGE sale day, it is better than zero. 

At least we got to check out the tent set up.  Cheryl was busy fussing with the positioning of the soaps.   I helped move things and reach things.  No one complained about the price and most people that did purchase some,  purchased 3 for $20 rather than the $7 each we had set out originally.  (Another minor discovery.) 

So,  now we get to relax and enjoy the weather hopefully.   The sun is coming out and it may turn things hot again, but right now, I'm trying to recover some of the sleep I lost last night as the cats woke me up every hour.  

Small note:  Yesterday,  Cheryl found a 4 leaf clover.  We are still waiting for the kind of luck it will bestow.   When people say: "luck of the Irish," I tend to think that is mostly bad luck.  But between you, me and the Chinese fortune we got the other day in our cookie,  we are destined for greatness in our future.   I'll hold out for that.  

Thanks for stopping in.  And hopefully,  the temps will get back to a touch more normal in the future where ever you live.


Val Ewing said...

Those soaps look amazing! And the wooden signs that accompany the soaps are clever and will peak curiosity. What a beautiful presentation all of the way around. I grew up with hand made soaps and love the old fashioned ones grandma made with lye and fat.
Well done!
The heat has broken here, but the smoke/haze has not.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Looks good and I like the names of your soap. Do you have a fragrance free soap?


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