Monday, February 27, 2012

Dear Blog...How I miss Thee..

I actually feel sad and guilty for not posting anything in a while... Not much has happened except that we are continuing to sew the stockings and I have been doing Origami. The trick to working at home is motivating yourself to actually WORK when there is no one cracking the whip. I feel that I have a slightly better grasp at this than Cheryl. I never thought of myself as a task master....but then I have to be the one to get Cheryl motivated. It's not too hard. She responds to food very well ( similar to the cats) and then there are shopping trip bribes and every now and then a back rub. I'm not much of a punishment type, although getting her out of bed seems like I'm the Drill Sargent at Benning! Regardless, we are trucking along with stocking production and I placed another order for buttons again. I also have been working on an origami scene that I'm pretty excited about. I have no pictures at the moment, but I think I'll post a few as it progresses a little. Hopefully we will find ourselves in Iowa City more often and I will be able to blog a bit more. Since we have discovered waffles at home, Cheryl has no motivation to come to Iowa city anymore for breakfast. And forget about being online! She is in complete remission concerning the Internet.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Great Ethan Allen In the Kitchen....with An Origami Whale.

Ok, So Cheryl wanted to take another stab at baking some cakes and I thought I would lend a hand. Actually, she forced me to participate. So We worked on some making some Petite layer cakes with frosting and then Ganash. I must admit the ganash was fun to play with. It's much like pudding only it hardens to that cool chocolate shell that you see on the food network. We decided to put a raspberry filling in the middle. The good news is that it worked out for an early attempt. The bad news is that we have to eat them and we are still struggling to lose the holiday weight. Other than that....I have been in love with the Origami Humpback whale. It turned out so cool I folded it several other times. It is based off of the origami Koi model only with a little modifications. I was thinking about making a mobile out of them, but we will have to see how they all look together. I still wanted to work on some birds and some better paper.


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