Thursday, November 15, 2018

Why No One Believes In Bigfoot Pictures....

See the Buck in the Thicket? 
 The other day, I was so excited!  Because we finally saw the buck that has been rubbing up the trail we run on.   He has rubs all over the trail, but they are small.  I was not expecting anything huge.
Neither can I.   Here.  Let me Circle him.  Is that better?

And then we saw him.   In the Frosty morning..  With the sun to our backs.   It was the perfect conditions to take a picture.   With Phone camera in hand, I snapped off a dozen pics.   He even stood still for a long time... just for me to zoom in!  I could not clearly see the tines, but I would guess from the size that he was a 6-8 pointer. I would count them later...  after I got home and could clear up the pics.
How about this one? Same Trail. Differant Deer.  

So you can imagine my disappointment when I got home and the pictures looked like junk!   He was in brush, granted.   But even I had a hard time finding him and I knew where he was! 

Let me Fumble with the Zoom.
But this morning...  we got a second chance.   I should clarify.   Not at the same buck.  Rather,  this buck was much larger.   It was on the other side of the road, near the river.  Judging from the size,  he was easily a 10 pointer. 
Here we go!   Not too bad given the lighting. 

Cheryl waved at him for a few seconds, but he did not stick around for me to fumble with any zoom features.   I barely had to time track him as he sprinted over the road to the wood lot on the other side.   The Sun was to his back ( and our front!)  causing glare.   So, with the bad lighting, moving target, and lack of zoom, you might expect me to batch his job as well.
He takes off running!   Cheryl waves as he disappears

Surprisingly,  it did not turn out too bad.   At least you can see that it is a buck!  ( I hope!)   And with Cheryl getting in the way, I mean...  In the picture as well,  you know that the pic is authentic, and not something I photo-shopped or snagged from the internet.  ( Something I NEVER do....wink wink)

This got me to thinking about Nessy and Bigfoot.   Two creatures with Photographic evidence, but everyone believes is a hoax.   Why is it that pictures are no longer the final authority on a subject?   After my little deer sightings,  I understand the frustration these con men must have felt when there were people who were skeptical of their "proof". 
Into the Woods.

And over the road.  Nice silhouette!
But then there are so many people who DID and STILL DO believe in Bigfoot and Nessy.   With people this easy to convince,  it makes me wonder what we are doing wrong.  I guess people believe what they want. 

Cheryl can't believe it!   Even before the Picture Proof.

Picture Proof!
Well,  as a skeptic on many things myself,  I know I do not have to prove my own sightings to anyone.  Only myself.  If you can't believe what you yourself are trying to show,  then how can you convince others?  Bu that is too much philosophy for this blog.
Crazy Stockings!

Stockings are still going strong.  30 stockings the other day, followed by 19 and 10 today.  ( Mid-week slump?)   We can use the light day.  Time to get caught up on other things and enjoy the many deer running around this time of year.  Oh, if I had lived in Iowa when I was a hunter...  Maybe I would have been more successful in my youth.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Finding the Big Bucks.

I wish I was talking about money,   Wouldn't that be great.... finding a suitcase filled with money.   Real money!  But I watched "No Country For Old Men"  So I'll be very suspicious if that was ever to happen.

No, I mean Bucks as in Deer.  White tail!    We have seen many dead long the road,  and a few small ones.   Always when we lacked a ready camera.

But today!   He was sitting in the middle of a harvested soybean field.   I could see the antlers from the road.   Too bad the Camera does not capture the true awesomeness from that distance.

Other than that,  Yesterday's freak show of 39 stockings was followed by 30 stockings!  So there is no rest for us this evening. 

Also,  It has been cold!   18 degrees this morning for our little run.   With stockings heating up and the temps outside dropping,   there is a good chance we may have to drop a few of our runs this next week.   It seems to early to worry about buttons supply and felt stocks.   Where does all that money go anyway?    Etsy?  the Government?  The Postal service?  Cheryl's endless Running circuits...Who knows.    We are too busy making stockings  for now. 

Monday, November 12, 2018

Cheryl Conquers Madison... Again!

Cheryl declares VICTORY!
The Spoils of war.
Cheryl ran the Madison Half Marathon today, and as usual,  was disappointed that she placed 5th in her age group...  again.   And ran a 1:42:15 Half Marathon...  AGAIN!   Talk about consistency!   She is mad because at mile 9...there was a hill.  And that hill dropped her perfect 7:35 minute mile pace down.   She also had to run in tights, long sleeves, and with other people.   These things all conspired to make her run the exact same time she normally runs these things.

Early Morning race.
So aside from that,  Yeah!   13.1 miles completed with a fine finisher's medal to show for it.   The time is NOT bad.  ( despite what she thinks.) We survived the deep freeze, early morning rise, and all things "Murphy's Law".   So let's get to it.

Near the Capitol.

Trying to stay warm
Early morning rise!  Typical...  I just say that so I can post these cool blury pictures.    Finding parking was that we have done this race many times.   We parked by the children's Museum.   It provided us easy access to the race...AND  an easy exit strategy.    I'm a Genius!

Into the Crowd.

The race Begins!

There was no national anthem today...  Either we missed it or they played it before the Full Marathoners took off.   Either way,  Cheryl and the rest of the half-ers took off 10 minutes after they did.
What is that Dog looking at?

I ran to mile 2 and managed to snap a few pics of her.   And then I had to wait the full hour it would take for her to get back.
Cheryl at mile 2.

And it was COLD!   Well,  for spectators anyway.  I stood as long as I could but had to retreat back to the warm Subaru.  (Warm and fuzzy Subaru... everyone should have one.)

Cheryl at Mile 12.5

The tracking App Cheryl gave me said she would be coming around the corner soon, so I got out and snapped a few pics becfor racing back to the finish line.

At the Finish,   Cheryl came in strong.   The clock was wrong, and the chip time is the true authority on her official time.
Cheryl at the Finish.

She looks hot on this cold

The Photo op. 
Afterwards,  Cheryl gathers up the free food, ( Panera again!  Veggie Sandwitch with  chips and cookie.)     We grabbed the free beer ( Michelob Ultra.) tried to hang out as long as we could.

Which was not long.   The cold was still pushing us towards the Subaru.   Once inside the Subie... We might as well head back to the Hotel.

The Captiol  dance. 

The "Rocky"pose. 
Cheryl showered up while I ate  the awesome Biscuits and Gravy!    Overall,  it was a good time.   I will have ot see how long it takes to post this and add the pictures accordingly.   Hopefully,  it will not take too long as we have 26 stockings for tomorrow and I will probably not have much time to do it then. 

                     At the Hotel .              
Cheryl takes a bite out of Madison.  
Hope everyone had a warmer and awesome weekend.  This will be the last half marathon of the year for Cheryl ( that I know of...) With stockings taking off,  the weather getting cold, and races becoming more infrequent,  it does not look like any "long runs" will be happening.   But after the stocking rush and winter is over,  we get to do this all over again.
39 stockings!   Crazy weekend!

Update!   39 stockings today!   Crazy!   Looks like blogging is going to get tougher sooner than expected.  We shall see.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

'Twas The Night Before The Madison Half Marathon...

Let's get ready to RUMBLE! 

The cat...  doesn't help much. 
All the snow makes Cheryl feel
And Cheryl decided we needed the Christmas tree up.   Perhaps it was the snow that triggered this sudden festive feeling.   Perhaps it was the lazy cat playing in his pile of packaging paper.   But Cheryl wanted to put the tree up and show off the Amanita Mushrooms ornaments and footstool.

Bing!   Lights!   Ohhhh!
Let's take a picture. 

I got to try out the new Westinghouse Christmas Light timer.   It works great!   Now I will not have to fight with the branches to unplug the tree before I head to bed.
Cheryl's type of topper.  

When the lights finally kicked on,  Cheryl wanted to take a picture.   Our top ornament is a hand made Geman piece that Cheryl special ordered.   If you can't see it, it is because it is not lit or very large.
My type of topper!

But I like the One from IKEA.   Now that is A Topper!

But the reality is a little differant.

Casting a Chilly Morning Shadow.

Tough finding parking today. 
Then it was off for a cold morning trip to Wisconsin.   Subie said it was 14 degrees feels like colder!   I believed him.   But as we traveled north,  things warmed up ever so slightly.   Perhapsjust below 30 degrees.    Looks like it will be a chilly race tomorrow.

At the Expo.

There IS snow here in Wisconsin. 
At the Expo.   Cheryl picked up her bib and checked to make sure it worked properly,  ( no repeat of the Firecracker run!)

Check to make sure it works. 

Get the Bib.  
 With the timer on the parking clock ticking,  we did not hang around the expo long.   Just enough time to find her name on the banner.

Check out the map. 
Check out the map of the course.
Find your name. 

And check out any attire she might want.

Here it is!  
Cheryl was interested in the Tri-athalon medals that .... all together, form the state of Wisconsin.  Perhaps she will want to take up swimming lessons before we attempt that feat.
Hug Santa.

Dream about Tri-Athalon.

But now,  I will enjoy all the free WiFi I can get and maybe watch a You-Tube video or two.

Each race is a piece of the state. 
  Also, it would not be Wisconsin if we did not find a new beer to sample.  Hopalicious.   I can't wait to sample it.

Time to drink beer!
Running a Marathon
in the  kinda
like this!
So,  time to chill out and prepare for the big race tomorrow.  I should say:  The big Half race....  The full marathon is going at the same time.   I feel for those guys, since it will be a cold 26.2 miles.   13.1 is doable ( like  I would know...having never run one myself) but 26.2 miles in this cold is like a mild iditerod...  Without the dogs!

Hopefully,  the temps will hold and Cheryl will mostly enjoy running 13.1 miles in winter gear.   She has done it before, but not for a long time.  And I will be there to blog about it.   Thanks for stopping in.


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