Thursday, November 23, 2017

Des Moines Turkey Trot. A Very Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday Night Stockings
Wednesday Morning Stockings
I forgot my USB cord at home,  So I could not blog yesterday from the Hotel room.    Then again, not much happened last night.     But I will start from there.

Off to Packet Pickup. With 'Tude!
With last minute add-ons...

After many stockings, we traveled to Des Moines for the Packet Pick-up.   An easy in-and-out affair with hardly any crowds or traffic to speak of.    We grabbed her stuff and shirt and hat...And  spent the rest of the night in the hotel hot tub  (We got an Upgrade!)   What fun!

Look at the Turkey made of shoes!
 Cheryl made a note that we seem to always get a hot tub room on Thanksgiving.   Perhaps more people are staying with relatives than actually getting rooms while they travel, leaving the vacancy for silver members like us!   Who knows....  I'm just happy that it appeared we had the entire hotel to ourselves!

Pinning on the Bib.

Bib with her name on it.
We got up this morning and headed for the race.   The race was late enough for me to enjoy the free breakfast at the hotel.   We were the first (and only) ones in the small cafe'.   They had biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, and chicken patties!   (Along with all the other stuff,  cereal, milk, orange juice, waffles, oatmeal,  etc.....)  We were a little strapped for time, so I only had the biscuits and gravy.   It was enough to satisfy me for the entire morning/lunch time.

It was cold this morning,  but windless!   Cheryl dressed in her Ninja Tights and attached her bib.   Off to the race!

Showing off the Start Line
The only down side to this race was the lack of Bathrooms.  Maybe they were not expecting this level of turn out,  but the line to the bathrooms wrapped around the parking lot!   I barely got a chance to go before the race began.

Too Few Port-a-jons.

Cheryl runs past me at the start!

At mile 2.5

Cheryl ran past me without me even noticing her.   That is the problem when she dresses like a ninja.   She blends in to all the OTHER ninjas.

At mile 4.5
Cheryl runs for the Finish!
This was the fourth Turkey trot race for Cheryl.    By now,  seeing Turkey Heads is common.  Maybe next year I will add to the crazy and design my own Turkey hat. We shall see.

I was able to catch her at mile three and mile 4.    (I love looped courses!)  And I still had the chance to catch her near the finish line.   Too bad most of those pictures turned out blurry.    Still,   I'm thankful for the pics I have.

Cheryl takes a sip. 

Hot Cocoa and Cool cup.
We skipped the various "after race foods" and settled on the Hot Cocoa with the commemorative mug.   I was not very hungry after that free breakfast.   ( free breakfasts always taste the best anyway!)     And Cheryl did not really want any of the other offerings.   Besides,  there was no Finisher's Medal for this race.  Cheryl wanted something other than the shirt and hat to remember the race by.
Check out the size of this tree!

She wanted to see the city. 
After the race, we walked around town for a bit and decide to visit the Hyvee less than a block away.   They were having a Thanksgiving Buffet with prime rib, turkey,  a rainbow selection of pies,  etc.   they only thing they did not show ... was the price.
Thanksgiving Pie Buffet!
 Cheryl was very excited...even though she does not like turkey or pretty much anything the traditional Thanksgiving table offers.   She just wanted the pies.   As for myself,  I was still "un-hungry" from Breakfast.   I fear I ruined the moment by not wanting to spend an undisclosed amount of funds just so Cheryl can eat  one or two pieces of pie.  Ah well.
Cheryl's "Cool" pose.

A close up.  So you can tell it is her. 

We ended up going to our HyVee in Coralville and buying some Sushi, smoked Salmon dip, shrimp ring, and crackers.   Basically snack foods.   Probably better in the long run as we will not try to stuff ourselves with "Buffet-Style" Turkey Dinner.  I'm one of those guys who always tries to eat their money's worth!    Not very good for the waist-line.

So that is all for our thanksgiving.    Cheryl ran a decent race,  placing 4th in her age group.   Her average pace was 7:45 for the five mile run.   Not her best,  but faster than she has been able to run since her injury.    She is happy, and is looking forward to her next race.   Perhaps, weather permitting, we will squeeze one last race in before the new year. (If stockings allow.)   In the mean time,  I will finish my last huge piece of Pumpkin pie and try not to think about all that food we missed out on.   My waist-line will thank me.
A longing last glance before we head back. 

I hope everyone else who stops in today is having a wonderful Thanksgiving.   I discover ( all the time, actually) that Thanksgiving is so much more than just eating food.  ( then again,  the pilgrims probably thought different.)  I'm happy and thankful that Cheryl and I can run around the country running in these various races.  ( Well,  Cheryl runs;  I watch...mostly.) And I'm sure Cheryl is just thankful that she can run again.  I think the blog misses the running events the most. They give me something to do other than play video games.   Thanks for stopping in.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Freezing Rain, More Deer, and Christmas Tree Instructions.

Cold and Wet Morning
The Deer Show us how to run in Mud.
Winter is coming,  as the pelting balls of Ice demonstrated this morning.  I should be thankful that it was not snow or rain.   And that it quit just before we ran this morning.   Still,   the ground was spongy and muddy,  causing Cheryl and my bike to struggle.  I would say that the temp has fallen as well.   Looks like the Turkey Trot will be a cold one.

The Four Deer of The Apocalypse! 

While running this morning,  we kicked up the "harem" of the local buck.   5 does ran down the entire trail ahead of us,  demonstrating that they can handle the mud better than we can.
Catching up on stockings.

Cheryl will soon be buried!

We just finished the stockings and are now relaxing.   It is difficult to unwind after a tough day....  but the Holiday is upon us and can't wait to enjoy it.

New -ish Tree!
Not a lot of parts???
Yesterday,  I set up the Christmas tree.    I had some extra time and I figured I may not have the luxury after black Friday.   We purchased this tree last year at 75% off  after Christmas sales.  We have held on to it all this time.   I can't remember the last time I set up a Christmas tree. But looking at the instructions,  I appeared I could follow this one without reading too much.   Lucky me!
The Instructions seem easy...

I think there is a part missing...
Isn't Technology wonderful!   I used to have to unwrap each branch and set out the colors.... which had rubbed off after the first use.   And then fit it together like a jig saw puzzle.  Not so with this one!

Found it!   Done!
Cheryl is impressed.
Hiro is Impressed...  But he is not going to Climb it.
One...Two....Three... Four!  Done!   In the Corner where the lamp used to be.   The toughest part was moving the end table and lamp!  Cheryl likes it a lot.   I think Hiro does too.

Hiro with the "Climbing Cats"

Funny.  The cat does not want to climb in it as he once did when he was a kitten I guess without the evil influence of Rashi and Red,   he must think the tree is rather boring.   ( It was Red that loved to climb trees, after all)

So tomorrow I will be blogging from Des Moines, as Cheryl prepares to run off that Turkey Dinner we are not going to eat.

 That is correct,  we are skipping out on Thanksgiving this year.   We don't need the extra poundage that over-indulgence provides, and we already got our Family obligations out of the way.  I'm thinking they will probably be happy with two less people there anyway.   Most of the extended family have to do two Thanksgivings  with both families.   This might sound cold and dark,  But I'm almost relieved my family is no longer around!   (That is a Joke!   We always had a ball during Thanksgiving!)   But Too much Family on one day can really take a toll on your sanity.   Just my opinion.
"So if the Turkey was bad.... 

Last Year's Thanksgiving....
Hope everyone else is planning to have an awesome Thanksgiving.   We used to go Hunting in the morning on Thanksgiving day and then pig out  when we got home. ( Dad and Larry ( Dad's Friend) Actually got a Deer! Hunting  on one Thanksgiving day!  )  We would be so Famished when we finally got home ( usually around 4:30 PM)  that we would have eaten the plates!  Mom was not the best cook,  But she could definitely do Thanksgiving.   Ah the Memories!   Too bad I don't hunt nor can I eat like that anymore.   One of the down sides of age I guess.     Thanks for stopping in.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Kinda Busy With Stockings....

Lots of stockings.
 Well the stocking rush is on... It appears anyway.   Several days of 20+ stockings and Cheryl has to score for the next two days.   This makes time a precious commodity.   Any day over 20 stockings is pretty much a full day of sewing.   Add in the conversations and custom orders and the holidays that are rapidly approaching.    Looks like blogging will become more and more challenging. 
Cheryl printing labels
And again....

Running in the cold.
Running as Starfleet Commander

Cheryl has been trying to run a little each morning to keep her sanity.   I think it helps both of us.    I get to use my new bike....which is always fun.  The weather has been abrupt this last week.  Cheryl was able to wear shorts this morning.... otherwise we both nearly froze over the last three days.   Funny how the temps can go from 24 degrees to nearly fifty within 24 hours.   I've seen it in Alaska and Minnesota before,  but I never seem to get used to it. 
Running in shorts this morning.
Big Buck and Doe. 

Running over the Horizen

See you later..
This morning,  We managed to see the buck that was leaving all those tracks on the Kewash Trail.   He jumped up with a Doe right next to the trail,  but by the time I got the camera out,  he was in the middle of the soybean field.   At least I was able to capture his silhouette. I'm estimating a decent 8-10 pointer.

Hopefully we can stay caught up...
26 stockings for far.   I just finished the names and Cheryl is currently scoring for I'm not sure how much she will be willing to accomplish tonight.    She has the Turkey Trot on Thursday,   which means we will be in Des Moines Wednesday evening.    Hopefully we will not fall too far behind  in the stocking world.   Fingers crossed. 


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