Monday, October 24, 2016

Naperville Half Marathon. Highlights and Video.

 Yet another Race to add to Cheryl's "Wall of Fame."   The entire thing was over so quickly!   Half marathons seem to be far easier to handle than the full Marathon deal.  Not only for me, but also for Cheryl.

We rose up in the early hours of sunlight to arrive at the start line.  We were only about 3 miles from the start, so this allowed us to "sleep in" a bit and not rush for parking.  Oh!  And parking was relatively easy.  Aside from some guy who was low on coffee parking next to us.   But that is another story....  even though "abrasive" may be too kind of a word.  ( Hey!  I had not had any coffee either, but you did not see me being rude to anyone!)

So let's talk about her results.

Official time: 1:41:46
Age group.  8th out of 311
Female.  47th out of 1536
Cheryl at the start
I'm finally able to catch her!
Overall placement:  220th out of 2764 Half Marathon Runners
Average pace:  7:47 minute mile. ( That is pretty good!  I doubt I could run a single mile under 8 minutes now)

Cheryl at Mile 8!
The Full Marathoners also ran the race with the halfers.   So the total number of runners was actually larger.  ( 650 additional runners.  Totaling a little over 3400 runners for the race.....   Not too small.)

Cheryl at Mile 11!
I have to point out that races of this size are much more "Ethan Friendly" than the larger ones.  I was able to catch her at several different points during this race.  AND...I was able to actually FIND her in the cluster of runners.  Too bad the camera is not the best with "instant focus" or rapid snap shots.   I guess the old Nikon ONE camera spoiled me.

Cheryl at the finish!  The bright clothes and thin crowd helped!
Cheryl said the actual race was not as exciting as Chicago....  No surprise there.

Very Pretty area

Calder sculpture?  
  But it was a calming run through residential streets lined with colorful autumn trees. The crowd was not overbearing and the people were nice.  In all,  a short, pleasant run.   What more is there to say about that?
Hosted by SUBARU!

Cheryl helps drive home.
We did not stick around long after Cheryl finished.   Instead, we headed back to the room, showered up, and ate some breakfast.  On the way home, we had to navigate the IKEA load under our elbows and back seat.  Surprisingly, it was not a terrible ordeal, and we still had enough energy to assemble the IKEA furniture and replace the old stuff.
With all that IKEA furniture

 I'm not sure if it was because I had energy or if I simply did not want to sit around the apartment with all those boxes in the living room.
Pushing out from the trunk!

So there it is.  We took the day off from running today and are, instead, finishing up stocking orders and basically relaxing.  Well...  I am, anyway.   Cheryl continues to drudge in the shop trying to handle custom orders and answer questions.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Team Allenbrite's IKEA Trip, With Attached Half-Marathon.

Early Morning

Cold, but Cheryl is ready!
After an early start this morning,  Cheryl and I headed to IKEA and decided we would run in this Half-Marathon in Naperville while were were in the area.  It may sound odd that we put IKEA ahead of the Half-Marathon...but it is true!   Cheryl wants to try to get in as many fall races in as she can before the snow flies.
Cheryl picks up her packet.
She was too late to get a shirt this time.

For being a "small" marathon/ half-marathon,   Naperville brags over 8000 runners for tomorrow.   We shall see about that.   The EXPO was not as HUGE as one might expect a race of this size to be.  Grandma's Marathon in Duluth MN was only 6500 people and still had a larger EXPO. Not that it matters much...   we were not there to purchase anything.   So Cheryl checked in; received her bib number and packet;  and we headed over to IKEA.
The Map of the race.   Looks like fun.

I'm impressed we were able to buy as much stuff as we did.   It is currently in the car and we still have a little room for our luggage!  We ate some food and planned for our next visit...since most of our planned purchases would not all fit in the Subie in one trip.

Sponsered by SUBARU

IKEA in the distance.
IKEA in range!
After IKEA,   Cheryl urged me to cross the road and pick up some Honey Brown while we were here.   Isn't she AWESOME!   I'm currently kicking back and enjoying one now at room temperature.   ( I didn't want to wait for it to cool down in the mini-fridge.
My "Ethan Time" with Honey Brown.

Tomorrow's race is bright and early at 7 AM.   Looks like it is supposed to start off cold and rise up to 70 degrees...sometime during the day.  Probably AFTER the race.   So Cheryl may have a challenge picking out the right clothing to race in.  

As for me,  I see a few areas I may be able to catch her picture...  but if the numbers of runners are true...  I may have as tough a time trying to find her as I did during the Chicago Marathon.   We shall see.

In the mean time..the trip has already been successful, since we already visited IKEA and managed to fit everything in the car without breaking any windows.  So..   in reality,   the Half Marathon is simply Icing on the cake.   Wish us luck!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Iowa Indian Summer

Iowa Indian Summer
Has finally arrived!   I've been in this state for 6 years now, and I can say in my limited time here that this has been one of the hottest summers in memory!  ( with a study group of  whopping 6 years!)   Perhaps natives will know of past years being more sultry,  but I'm a newbie.

A Pearl Crescent butterfly.  
That being said,  the weather has finally arrived where it is cool to cold in the mornings;  warming up in the afternoons, and then cooling down slowly as the sun sets.  In other words... The weather has become pleasant.  And what else is there to really talk about in Iowa... Other than the weather?

So, I'm finally finished with my 45 hour week of scoring for Pearson.  I now have the opportunity to post a few things that have happened these last couple of weeks that I have not had time to chat about.

No more noise for Subie!
First:   Subie got a new Catalytic Converter!  Only a cool $800.00   After we were finished with the Marathon in Chicago.  Good Timing Subster!  Cheryl was still in a good mood after running the race, that the topic of when we should fix him never came up.   She simply told me we would get him fixed the next day!   Usually,  She is pressuring me to keep the cost low and "How serious is it really?"  Which is code for:  " Do we really ave to fix this?"   Only after my anxiety becomes more annoying than the car noise does she relent.

With that huge hole in our bank account,   I have been working my eyeballs off to score as much and as long as I mentally can over these last two weeks.   Pearson has authorized 45 hours a week to allow them to finish up the project on time.  I have been scoring over 12 hours each day until I can secure that 44.9 hours ( Pearson does not like it when you go over their overtime allotment.)  I only had to work 4 hours today to get that number.   AND I have been geting the double bonuses for scoring the minimum amount of papers in a given day.  (156!  Which is a LOT! )   I've been scoring around 170.  So,  I'll leave it to your imagination just how frazzled my brain is after that.
Moth playing Hid-and-seek

Oh,  Don't get me wrong.   I actually enjoy the freedom I get from scoring at home.  I am able to take breaks and snap pictures of the cat in the front yard.

Along with a number of other pretty sites as they flutter by.
Skippers abound!

Another shot of the Crescent
The colder weather has chased off the hummingbirds,  and most of the butterflies and bees that used to visit the front yard flowers.  However,  the Skippers and Moths have been becoming more common each day.   Daytime flying moths are actually kind of rare compared to the butterflies.... until now.
Day-flying moth

Skippers everywhere
Mums in Full Bloom
Our $3 Mums are in full swing now.  We have already had a couple of heavy frosts in the morning, and yet these flowers are  unfazed.  I have been trying to keep them watered and I eventually plan on planting them somewhere along the building.  Perhaps the Landlords will have an idea on their placement.  We shall see.
Hiro on the porch

Our Lazy Guard Cat

Fall flowers with visitors!

Other than that,  Cheryl has another race coming up this weekend.  We plan on combining it with an IKEA visit.  Since this one is on the fly,  we shall see how things turn out as they happen in real time.  
Another Chicago race for Cheryl

Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Very Disappointing Belated Post

I'm not sure what happened!   But Cheryl informed me that my "Chicago Expo" post is missing from my Blog!   I'm very disappointed!   I looked everywhere for the listing, but was unable to find it or discover what the heck happened!  

Luckily... I still have the pictures ( because I usually delete them after I post the pics to the blog.) and since I went through all that trouble to take, cut, crop, and polish them all up...I thought I would post another post AGAIN.... AFTER the marathon.

Not sure if this will cause confusion...   It is for me!   But I do remember publishing the pictures with brief descriptions rather than publishing a whole bunch of words.   So here we go.... again!

Our Early Departure.

Cheryl helped drive into the sun.

Chicago in the distance!   Note the building that stands out.

We parked the car in the basement and prepared to EXPO!

The crowd begins to thicken!  And the Banners wave.

Cheryl licks her lips and prepares for the Melee

We first picked up the bib number and packet.

And then headed towards the T-Shirt pickup.

Luckily, they still had Women's Small available.

Cheryl tries it on to check the fit.  She seems happy.

Next,  we toured around to see the other booths.   This one was from Osaka Japan!

They had Really Cool anime finishers medals.   SHIN CHAN! 

We were getting thirsty....time to check out the Beer....Bus? 

Goose Island is brewed in Chicago.   Very tasty Beer. 

Having not eaten anything all day.  Time for some Lunch!

Cheryl did not want any I ate some BBQ Pulled Pork all alone. 

While Cheryl watched and waited.

We found one of the booths was for the World Marathon Majors

And Chicago was on the list!

Our hotel room.  Smaller than expected. 

But next to the fire escape. 

Cheryl called the Room Service Menu a "Comic Book" 

If you check out the prices.  You will see the humor. Don't order the pancakes!

The lobby was a page out of the Sistine Chapel Magazine. 

Or the Titanic!

The fancy sconces must be  part of the reason for the high hotel bill. 

After settling in,  Cheryl and I took a tour of the area to map out the race route.

And check out the buildings.   I wonder who owns this one?  

Judging from the size....  I could wager a guess. 

The Tall buildings rival the MOON!  See it...about half way down? 

This wishing well played a big part in Cheryl's success. 

Very Greek.   or Italian....  depending on how you think about the Mafia.

Well,  Hopefully those were the pictures and the captions I posted before.   Or at least close to them.   I can't really remember what I wrote before...other than I was tired and did not know the results of the race before.

I had a different post planned for today,   But I guess that will have to wait for later.     Hopefully,  blogger will not lose this posting again.   I hate leaving pictures on my computer for very long.   Hope everyone is having a great Sunday so far.   I'm taking a break from scoring today. ( after clocking in 44 hours last mind is frazzled)   Thanks for stopping in.


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