Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Attacked by Rabbits.

SURPRISE!  From the underbrush.
A RAT with a smaller, fluffier tail.
Sure, they may look cute and cuddly... But don't be fooled!   They are devious and destructive rodents. Of course I'm talking about the Cotton-Tailed Rabbit. (Buggsbunniest Digholeiest).  They harass runners with their constant surprise bursts from the underbrush and create paranoia  and anxiety whenever we run on the Kewash trail.

I'll dig this one really deep..hehehe.
Why so many holes?   For bikes, Duh!
Today, however,  I managed to fall into one of their insidious traps.   Under normal circumstances,  I can see and avoid the huge holes and troughs that they dig across the trail.  Sometimes I'm forced to ride over them with my bike, but I am able to prepare for the stresses by adjusting my grip, setting up in the pedals and lowering my center of gravity.

Another Victim goes flying. The Bunnies secretly celebrate.
But today,  One of those little furballs dug a hole under some drooping weeds that overhang part way over the trail.    You probably guessed... Hitting a hole with your front tire and not being prepared or even aware of it...sends you flying!   Over handle bars and into the brush down into the ravine.  After spitting out the weeds and clearing off the vegetation from my spokes,  I was able to fully grasp what had happened.... and I was not very happy about it.  It makes me wonder why I stopped eating those things.    (Sometimes I miss the taste of rabbit.  This would give me a reason to take up hunting again!)

Other than that,  Cheryl ran and survived 14 miles today.   Other than the run in with the Rabbit's Cyclist Trap,  I managed to survive it as well.  The wind and sun suggest another pleasant day today.  Perhaps we will be able to enjoy more of it later.

Monday, June 26, 2017

One Hail Of A Good Time In Iowa.

Torrent Hail Storm!
In the middle of the day
For the third time this year....  there has been hail.   This time it just sprung up in the middle of the day (Today) and left small piles of pea-sized hail all around the yard.

Enough to make a snow cone.

  Now,  I know most people would ask, "What's the Big Deal?"   And I can see that unless the hail is baseball sized or larger, it simply does not make it onto the Weather Channel feed.   (Not that I EVER want to see that sized hail here in Iowa)
10 minutes later, sun is shining....
But  for someone growing up in Michigan,  Hail is kind of like seeing snow for the first time.   You hear about it.  Read about it.   Even watch videos about it...but I have never seen it in the flesh.   Until now.
Check out the neighbor's Pile of Ice...

40 minutes later!   Still here!
Moving to Iowa has brought several other "Firsts",  But seeing Hail fall with such ferocity is quite awesome.   Seeing Ice fall from the sky in the middle of summer is simply miraculous!   Like something frogs or something.
Cool summer day

But like someone who does see snow for the first time,  I do not hope to happen onto a Blizzard.   Seeing small bouts of ice slightly larger than a peanut is enough for me.

Kewash Trail under gloomy skies.
The weather has been pleasant lately.   With cooler temps making for better running.   The clouds also help keep the sun in check for most of the time.  It is unfortunate that Cheryl and I are still suffering from this blasted cold.   Nothing dangerous...just annoying.   A cough and runny nose that irritates more than incapacitates.  ( blowing you nose and coughing randomly is just so bothersome.)
Ready for her reward after 10 miles.

Sundae Pictures
Cheryl continues to work on her shop and I have written a little over 1000 words on the novel ( over 6000 words currently!)  I admit that the writing is a trickle.   I have also been working on some origami cats.   I'm not sure where I will go with them, but I wanted to at least work on perfecting the model.

More Swag
Congrats!  You are Awesome!
So that is all for today.  Hail!   Cold temps, Running, Writing, Designing, and Fighting colds.   Who knew Summer in Iowa could be so exciting?

4th place be exact.
I almost forgot Cheryl's latest trophy.    She placed 4th in the master division at the Madtown Half Marathon.   Check out her latest medal.  
Freakishly sexy legs
Still a work in Progress.

Cheryl's eventual goal.   (Dean Karnazes's legs)

And her Sexy legs.    She hopes to have them eventually look like other famous runners.  We shall see.

Friday, June 23, 2017

And the Time Flies!

Cheryl in the fields
Cheryl at the trail
 Another week has snuck by.  How is it that the days and week seem to be passing by at a far greater speed now that I'm older?   Looking back I see that it has been almost a full week since my last blog posting.   Surely something must have happened this week that was blog-worthy....

Cheryl after running with a cold
Well,   Not really.   I managed to give Cheryl my cold....  so now we both can share the joy of coughing and sneezing.   I'm still suffering the aftermath, but I think I'm pretty much over it.   Cheryl still suffers from the achy, coughing, stuffy-head part.   I guess there will be a few more days of that.

She still runs though
Through the town
But that has not stopped her from running.   The weather has been cooler this last week.   Almost perfect weather for running.   I say "almost" because running 14 miles with a cold is still a miserable affair. Still,   she managed it and we have continued to run a few miles every day this week.

Down the roads
Past the Silos
Out into the fields
A few things to note:  Normally I fill the blog with pictures of dusty car engines or scantly clad female runners.   But there are other things that I interesting.    Namely, the butterfly weed is out in all of its glory.   I managed to find both varieties.   Purple and orange.   Butterfly weed may be visually striking and bring in the butterflies, but it is not very pleasant to smell.  I wonder why that is.   Well, at least the bugs don't seem to mind.
Purple Butterfly weed

Black Raspberries are out!
Butterfly weed

In addition,  a few wildlife shots.   The deer, in particular, have been quite active.   Several times during a run, Cheryl and I have seen them running at us on the path or standing in yards in the middle of the day.   At one point we thought a doe and fawn were those ceramic lawn ornaments you see from time to time.   We were both shocked to see that the deer was moving!  I managed to snap this picture this afternoon on our way home.
Deer in mid afternoon.

Bunny on the trail
Plenty of rabbits this year.   Several have been running around our yard.   I guess with our cat remaining inside, they have less to fear at the moment.  And there are tons out on the trail as usual.

If only finding inspiration were so easy.
With the summer Solstice over, we can now plan on trying to survive the summer.  We both have a few things to work on.   I have been slowly inching away at the book while also trying to get a few origami items folded up.  It's tough when you have to really work on the inspiration.  Cheryl has also been working on her designs and drawings.  She has added a few things to her shop for runners.

So hopefully we shall be over these blasted colds before the new week begins and can focus on things that are awesome and blog-worthy.   I'll let you know how things work out.   Until then,  thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Week In Review

Raining at Pearson.
It has been a challenging week this week.   I have been working at Pearson; so that has demanded most of my time.   There really is not much to say about that really.   It's a job and pays.   And luckily it was fairly easy.   The end.

Work in an Office!  Duh!
We did not get any pizza or cupcakes this time.  Not even a handshake and a "Job Well Done!"   Just a "thanks for coming" and hope to see you next time.

One thing I DID pick up was a lovely cold.  Thanks for reminding me why I do not like crowds.  I imagine all those people in a small cramped room would tend to circulate any bug that might be going around.   Mostly it is a seriously stuffed up nose and a bit of a cough.   I'm hoping it will sort itself out before long and not digress into full blown Pneumonia.  Struggling to breathe through my nose is bad enough.
Running in the evening.

Nice Legs!
Cheryl runs!
In the mean time,  Cheryl and I have been running/biking whenever we can fit it in.  Mornings here... evenings there.   The weather has been most uncooperative as of late.   Basically it has been blisteringly hot and sunny.   And if it cool down and rain...  It does it at night.

Marble sized hail
Pretty flower
Speaking of rain.   We had a bit of Marble sized hail this last Wednesday.   It happened around 12:00.   I ran outside at picked up one of the ice drops before it melted away.   You can always seem to tell when there is hail because it sounds like gravel being thrown at the window.   This is the second time this year hail has manifested on our doorsteps.   Hopefully this is not an omen of Biblical proportions!
Cheryl makes a wish

Other than that,   not much else.    This cold really ticks me off because I can't seem to enjoy ANYTHING while under its influence.  (Influenza!   Get it!) Sniffing and blowing and coughing really makes bike riding so much more fun.

Playing in the water

Vultures wait for Cheryl to drop
And sleeping!    Oh Joy!   Waking up with a sore throat and clogged nose is so refreshing.   Cheryl really appreciates my midnight walks and gurgles as well.   Just go away already!

New Shirt Design
Cheryl's Burst of Speed.   We call her "The Flash!"
At least I'm done with Pearson so I can focus and getting better.   Cheryl continues to plug along with her Pearson at home project.  It is scheduled to finish tomorrow.  That leaves only ETS unless something else magically appears.  Cheryl has plans on working on her designs.   She created a shirt and several other things over the last several days.   We shall see how things work out,  but having the time to work on things...little by little,  is a big step.

Hope everyone else out there is healthy and enjoying the week better.   Nice weather would be ... nice.  For a change.   And having no ailments has got to be better than having  one.   Thanks for checking in.


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