Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend seats!

I carved up 4 seats tonight! Cheryl and I have discovered a bitter sweet event going on now at our local home improvement store. They are discontinuing their supply of solid wood seats. This is Good for a couple of reasons, One, they are marked down almost half! Two, They are solid wood seats, though not oak like I would prefer. The bad news is that they will no longer stock them so when they are gone! It's OVER! We already cleaned our closest store completely out. This now puts our plans of wholesale ordering in a whole new priority. They HAVE to work out. Cheryl and I plan on clearing out any and all seats from our home improvement stores that are within driving distance. We just can't beat the sale! As for other news, Cheryl dug out these resin Flies that I tied some time ago. She wants to make key chains out of them. I still have one that she bought me when we were first married! Now I'll have to dig out my fly tying materials and get to work on some more. Hope ever one had a great weekend!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dragon Panel

Since the majority of my day was spent looking for what remaining seats there were left in stores, I didn't feel much like carvings when i got home. So I took pictures and edited some more panels and listed them. Tonight's listing: An oriental dragon in maple! Cheryl thought this one looked good enough without any poly or paint, so i left it as is. It looks almost antique! And, for the person who wants to think of it that way, It could look like an authentic Chinese carving! Never thought I would TRY to make my carvings look like they were made in CHINA! It's a funny world. Ah well, whatever gets me a sale! I have not done any origami lately, but I have been watching some Anime. BIG WINDUP! Great for the baseball fan! ( I'm not one, but i appreciate the game. Enjoy! And if you can watch the episodes on

Friday, August 28, 2009

A pair of Tanagers

I've seen a Scarlet Tanager twice in this part of the country. They are not as common as they are in other parts, but they make a big impression to someone who has never seen them before. This panel is another older carving that is making it's debut online for the first time on Etsy. I have never listed it for sale before, partly because I'm lazy, and another part because Cheryl didn't want to. We'll see if anyone finds reclaimed cupboard doors that have been turned into wall art as something worth having. We have not visited the "reclaimed store" in a while. These people go into old houses and buildings and rip out "worthy" items that could be resold. To the right person, It's a GOLDMINE! They have treasures that only the trained Eye can see. To others it would look like dated junk. For me, the SOLID OAK panels, doors, pews,(that's right! from Churches!) and cupboard doors are the main target. The trick is matching the stain and taking off the hideous fixtures. But it's always a mixed bag and blind luck as to what you are able to score. Oh! And the latest Anime. Elfin Lied. This is not for kids! Or the faint of heart, but it is a beautiful open and a great story of redemption, forgiveness and human spirit! Enjoy! For the latin translation: look on Youtube.

New panel listing

Just posted a new panel. I must be motivated to be posting on Etsy this early in the morning! Anyway, it's a old carving, but this is the first time it has been listed, I thought the pics turned out well.

A new Hope!

I'm feeling cautiously optimistic today! Besides selling a could of seats and carving up a couple of rather old designs, Cheryl and I have found a new supply of seats that may just solve our seat problem for good or at least for a while. A company that we have checked out before online, sells seats wholesale. When i called them up before, they did not give me a price, and I could not see the quality of the seat so we dropped the idea. However, with the recent development of our stores not carrying the solid wood seat, we have been forced to revisit that path. Tonight we found a store that carried that brand of seat and I was more than impressed with the quality! I say cautiously optimistic, because there is always the chance that things could backfire, ( Murphy's Law!) but, if things work out, we might save ourselves some running around and iron out the problems in time for the Holidays!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Listing New panels on Etsy

I listed two new panels tonight on Etsy. I took several pictures of other panels but I want to put those on at a later time. Hopefully to get more exposure.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Some new seats

Tonight I carved up two seats. It will take a little creative assembly to fix it up, but we are seeing if they will have potential. Yesterday I was busy cleaning up my room and setting up a new peg board. Not much has changed except that I cleaned the stain and poly off the windows and floor! It probably won't last long though. We are trying yet another scheme to see if we can branch out.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Man! What a weekend!

Not really in a good sense either. Well I'll skip most of the details and just say that our supplier of toilet seats has once again changed things. only this time for good! They are now only stocking the veneered seats and thus, ending our relationship! So this weekend has been a mad dash to find a new supply of seats and see what works! All while trying to keep the price within our range. We may have a solution for the moment, however, this means that toilet seat carvings are now on the "extinction list." I'm racking my brain to figure out another carvings that sells, and Until I find it, I'll just be shooting in the dark. For now, we carved up 4 seats, I'm impressed that we found them! Hope everyone Else's business is not facing any turmoil this week! If things don't change, we may have to rename this blog!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Listing the Old

A quick post of me listing some of my old panels on etsy. The funny thing is I have never listed them, but tonight I decided that they should have a shot at finding a good home. So I've been fixing and listing the photos. Here they are:

Thursday, August 20, 2009

YEAH! more seats sold! ( Keep 'em coming!)

Sold an additional two seats and added them to yesterdays. So..4 seats tonight. This means that we are effectively at zero. So we still need more sales to pay the bills etc. Regardless, we had a couple that were rather odd and old. Namely the sunflower and the dolphins. It was one of those nights where everything just went "right". The carving, the painting, the timing. So now we are off to a relaxing evening watching one of the greatest animes out there 'Claymore! With Cheryl. Hope everyone has a great Friday!

Getting closer to catching up!

Tonight I carved up another 5 seats! We still need more to be back in the black, but we are getting closer. Tonight's main excitement went to Hiro and his catching another shrew! One small difference from his usual antics were that tonight....he decided he would give it a little taste. Kinda grossed out Cheryl! Who asked me to remove the remains outside and then take a full shower to wash off the "germs" Hiro on the other hand, liked the taste, but not the texture. I think he will stick to canned food fro the time being. Fingers crossed for more sales!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Panel picture taking.

Cheryl wanted me to show off the panels a little bit more. Yesterday, she hinted that I should take the pictures of the latest carvings and show them off. I find this to be one of those "husband" tasks that never really measure up. Meaning: no matter how I take the picture, they will be wrong. Cheryl usually takes the "professional pictures for sales purposes, while I take the sloppy ones for my blog. Well, here they are! Untouched, unedited, but taken with Cheryl's guidance.
I will now have to trim and brighten them so they will be more presentable. Not to mention that these are the ones that are presentable. There are always those that end up blurry or shadowed. Next post I may have a side by side and see if there is a difference.


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