Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Computer WORKS! YEAH!

I'm not sure what Cheryl did, but the computer works! Hooray! At least I'll be able to post the Origami beetle I worked on. You might remember it from before, it's the samurai helmet beetle. The previous attempts did not turn out as well as this one. Also a dragon out of the traditional bird base. I also remember doing this one but not having it turn out as nicely. Anyway, I'm relieved that I got this computer working. And, In the event my Brother or Dad are actually reading this: I now have a computer that can I will send you a letter soon. I hope you get this and feel free to leave a response.

Another computer and the standing Origami Crane

As the title mentions, I purchased another computer a few days ago because Cheryl and I could not share one at the same time. And since our online time is llimited by the time we spend at Panera, it ends up with one of us being bored while the other surfs. Its not really a problem when Cheryl surfs...I just do some origami and I'm happy. However, when it comes to my turn to blog and check Email, Cheryl sighs and looks uncomfortably bored! ( uncomfortable for ME!) So fix this problem, I suggested getting another computer...but Of course! IT seems to be having problems with connecting to the Internet. Hopefully we will get it all figured out. All the pictures of the new origami are on that computer as of right now...but I did manage to save this standing crane on Cheryls computer. It turned out pretty good and it stands by itself.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

An Origami Parade!

So last weekend I worked on a few new and some old designs. I thought I would just post them as a record, because they are all gone now. You see, I bring them to work and they mysteriously disappear! I'm actually flattered that my coworkers find them cool enough to take home. Anyway, I created another horse, a turkey, another mantis, another scorpion, a dolphin, a T Rex, and a triceratops. The triceratops is not pictured because I was not that particularly fond of it, I may attempt it again later, but it took a couple of days to work on and It always bugged me. Cheryl liked it thought, and so did whoever took it home from work, so perhaps I'm my own worst critic. So enjoy the pics. Oh! By the way, several of these designs can be found in the same origami book that the peacock was.
Jun Maekawa's book "Genuine Origami"

Friday, May 20, 2011

Black Butler, Sacred Blacksmith, and The Attack of the Origami T Rex!

So this week we purchased season one of Black Butler, the anime. Stand back all of you Gothic lovers, because this anime was written for you! It was fun! The scroll work is taken from a Louis XIV Mansion, even though it is set in 19th century London. After the first season, there are still more questions than answers and we are still uncertain about the contract between the master and the butler. The Young Master apparently lost his parents in a fire and now the Butler takes care of him and the household. It's entertaining, and I could at least recommend it to people with a clear conscience. As for the Sacred Blacksmith. I must say that it is a little to "fan service" for me. The story compels me to continue watching, but with 6 more episodes to go, I have to say, the "knight" should really quit her day job and become a barmaid. She is just way to "damsel in distress" for me and after the 5th time of having the blacksmith come and save gets a little predictable. There are several episodes left however, so who knows....I may change my mind as the finally kicks off. As for the Origami, Cheryl had a little fun with the Jurassic park theme and decided to get the cat involved.

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Origami Lion post.

As promised, the Origami Lion. I'm not sure if it is truly original, nor do I care. All I know is that I made it without a book from my own tinkering. I'm very pleased with the results. Who knows, I may just try it again to see if I can replicate it. Anyway, I thought that it deserved its own post with more pictures from different angles. As far as the rest of this week, I really did not make anything ground breakingly new. So I will take this opportunity to post the lion. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Successful Origami Peacock!

Yes! Finally a paper that can handle the pre-creasing and multiple reverse crease folding that is required to fold this Peacock! This design is from Jun Maekawa's book "Genuine Origami" And I have attempted this design several times before with limited success. The problem before was either the size of the paper ( too small) or the paper itself. It was always too brittle or crinkly to keep the shape. I usually managed to muscle through it, but it was never a shape I was proud of. Even now, My skills are challenged at keeping the creases where they are meant to be. The design itself has a challenging element right off the bat. IT calls for you to fold the paper into thirds! ( mathematically, it should be impossible to get exact since three is a repeating decible...i.e. 1/3 = 3.33333333.....infinity) Anyway, it is possible to get close and I worked very hard to get as close as possible and still had a few hang ups. Other than that....I also worked on an origami Rose. nothing special, but it does have an interesting "willow-wisp" shape to it like a dancing flower. I thought I would show it off. I still have to make a seperate post for my Lion. I'm looking at the pictures andam more impressed with it every time I take another look. But I will give thise sculptures their own post for now.

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Great Social Experiment.

Factory Work has been an interesting case study in human interaction. And although the research is still underway and a verdict is pending, let's just say that the entire experience is ...entertaining. At the very least, it allows me to focus on my Origami skills while having an outlet for the finished pieces ( other than the garbage can). I bring them to the break area and they disappear! And, with each new peice that is lost to the void, my fame and notoriety is expanded! This week I was planning on posting several posts on each individual sculpture, but the stars were simply not aligned. However, here are some examples of what I have been working on this last week. A rabbit, a dog and a Dragon! I must say I am quite pleased with the dragon. It was the first time I was able to give it a 3 dimensional look without it crimping up. I also did a penguin and a frog ( different version) But I did not snap any pictures of those. They were simple enough to replicate and I plan on doing a better job on them in the future. My poor lion from last week did not even last till first break. The guy who requested it did not get a chance to see it. I may make another one soon, as well as the rabbit ( another request) but I have so many other ideas in my mind that I have to explore!


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