Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wristlets by Cheryl….and Origami Seahorse

just a quick post because I managed to take better pictures today.  Cheryl has been working on a Wholly Craft order for Wristlets.   She has modified the design a bit to make it a little simpler.  I really like them as a whole, and I got to sew on the buttons for once   Cheryl has decided that I do them much faster than she does.  Yeah!DSC_1843


In the mean time, I put up my origami seahorse I folded about a week ago.  Finally the light was good enough for half way decent pictures.   the weather is still dreary here in Iowa.   It is much colder than yesterday.   At least we did not get as wet as we did then.  We still managed to get our walk in  so that was good.  Anyway, enjoy Halloween and the pics!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Origami Foxes! On a Rainy Iowa Day.

It’s raining.  It has been a long time coming, and Cheryl and I decided thatGore-Tex_Logo we should embrace the overcast day with one of our walks.   We got soaked!   Well,  It was totally our fault.   When we left, the rain was light and drizzly.   Nothing a Gortex can’t handle.  Then, we got a little hot.   So…  Unbutton the Gortex to let the cooler air inside.  Sure!  A little rain gets in….but only a little.  

Then it pours!2514569040_cf14215c54_z  Well,  not as hard as other times, but still pretty good.  The results:  Cheryl and Ethan look like drowned rats!  It’s ok though.  Nothing a warm bath and a cup of coffee can’t fix right up.  In fact,  I always enjoy a warm shower/bath/ cup of soup BETTER after a stint in the cold or damp.  warming cup of soup

In the mean time,  stockings are picking up and I still am managing to fold a little.   I folded up a couple of foxes the last couple of days and put them in the shop.   Enjoy!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Origami German Shepard and Frilled Lizard

Just a quick post of my latest origami.   I received a request from someone for a short haired Border Collie.   I could only find something that looked like it, but alas, I was too late.   But I still managed to fold up the dog and I think it has potential to become other breeds.  Then again, I’m not ready to open up that can of worms. 

in addition to the dog, I worked on a design I have been thinking about as of late.   The Australian frilled lizard.   I managed to fold up two of them and they both turned out well.  I put the cardstock one in my shop already.  I think it might need better lighting for better pics later on.   we shall see.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Clean Up Day at the Allenbrite Studio Factory

220kidscleanOr “Studio Apartment” if you prefer.  Today, along with making a few stockings for an order, Cheryl and I worked on cleaning up our areas.   Call it “Spring Cleaning” if you want, even though it is taking place in the fall.  I guess you could consider this as the “Spring of the Stocking season” .  We thought it would be a good idea to get things cleaned up and organized before hitting it off into full production mode.3605886222_cb1e1dde1e_z 

First things first,  Clean up!   The usual fair, really.   But…With a little more scrubbing and moving things.  It can be daunting at times, but you just have to relax and find your Zenkeep-calm-and-clean-up-the-mess

But cleaning is only half of the equation!  Well, for me anyway.  I have to get all that paper that I fold and cram back into my sliding drawers ORGANIZED!  keep-calm-get-organized-blueThis can be a mentally taxing regime as well.   I have to pull out everything; clean the area; then put it back in a neat and “easy to find” way.  Very time consuming…But ultimately worth the time and effort.   So..Take a Deep Breath,  and once again, find your Zen.25033f0039ff509b8db95960e92dc1699781440514708_p0_v1_s260x420

Sounds like once of those “self help” books you see in  the book store.  I guess if I actually took the time to read the book, I would not accomplish as much cleaning or organizing as I had planned.  Well, I made myself a list of things I wanted to accomplish today, and managed to cross off everything on the list. ( no mean feat!)  I currently am totally exhausted and do not even have the energy to FOLD anything.  origami-zenI’m actually surprised I have enough to write this post!.  I guess perhaps I found my Zen after all!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Windy, Cold, October Iowa Day

DSC_1631Our walks have become more and more challenging as the days progress in the Season.  DSC_1635First, we had to endure the soul leaching heat of the Summer.  Then, we had to dodge the harvest trucks and worry about oncoming tornadoes. Now, as the days begin to shorten and the temperature drops, we have to endure the cold wind that no longer has the corn to slow it down.  Cheryl’s hair should be an indication of the wind strength.  Add the cooler temps and a simple vest will no longer be enough clothing for the walks.  DSC_1630DSC_1636

Anyway, the season is kicking off with Halloween just around the corner.   People around this small town are getting into the mood.   Lots of Pumpkins and scary lawn art are on full display.  DSC_1638I guess there are few things scarier than an Iowa small town, DSC_1639Right Steven King?  Children of the Corn, Carrie,  The Stand, Field of Screams, Footloose…Ok  I guess some of those didn’t actually take place in Iowa, but they DID happen in small agricultural towns where the people and the water are all ..”odd.” 79iEen28ai1rsXvOVWRJuHrsexO 

In the mean time,  I have been working on Dinosaurs and a few other things to add to the origami shop, while Cheryl and I have been stoking the fire under the Stocking Production.  I know our first few attempts are merely token at best,  However,  I’m sure once ACT Job Syndrome is out of our system, we will become sewing machines!  ( Pun intended!) 

So,  My latest Dino’s:  The Parasaurolophus.   Talk about an odd name!  Enjoy!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Origami Pig-let

Ok, After the pork festival, I decided to fold up another pig.  This one with a smaller nose.  I actually think it gives him a little more of a “cute” factor. 

Anyways,  The Iowa country side is buzzing with activity over the harvest.  Along some dusty country road, Cheryl and I have to dodge the tractors and Semi-Trucks that race up and down trying to get that corn and soybeans to the grain bins.  Of coarse I did not bring my camera to take pics, but there is no shortage of “Iowa Harvest Time” pictures on the web already. 

Iowa Corn Harvest 4iowa-soybean-harvest-j-laughlin

So enjoy the pig and tractors.2010-1017-semi-blog untitled The only reason there were only 4 tractors at the tractor show is because the rest of them were out in the field working.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Celebrating Pork In Wellman Iowa!

DSC_1470Every now and then, you just need to absorb the culture around you.   It has been a little challenging adjusting to the Iowa Mindset coming from Michigan.  (I’ll never be a Hawkeye fan!  Or work three jobs!)  but Cheryl and I have managed to blend in without actually showing too much effort.  But, sometimes, even I get the feeling that perhaps there is more to Iowa than Just Corn, Soybeans and Hawkeyes….DSC_1471DSC_1472

Enter: The Quad County Pork Festival In Wellman Iowa…Our own back door!  Well…we simply had to go.  I like bacon as much as the next guy who is not Jewish or Mormon.  And everyone loves ham!   If there was nothing else I could glean from this, At the very least, I could get some Delicious Pig!DSC_1479DSC_1481

For being a festival that had 4 counties participate, I was surprised how small it was.   The entire festival fit pretty much in the parking lot of the rec center.  However, there was more to the even than meats the eye!  ( Intentional misspelling there!  Get it?…Meats?  Pigs?  Pork Festival?  I got Two DEGREES!)DSC_1489DSC_1491DSC_1493

The entire place was not set up to be a Giant Eating Competition like I first thought.  Nope!  It was actually quite educational!  I became certified as a Poop Investigative agent!   I never knew how important poop could be.  My investigations have added yet another chapter to my already overeducated brain.DSC_1494 DSC_1495

After the poop certification ceremony,   We learned about the pigs themselves.  I found out that the make sure the pigs are eating healthy Corn and Soybeans!  DSC_1487There is a part of me that is a little suspicious about the politics behind that statement.  I mean,  Who cares if the pig is healthy if we are only going to eat it?  Don’t we want them nice and fat?  And where do they get the corn and soybeans…Hmmmm?  Ah well,  Who cares really?   I’m gonna EAT IT!

And then to the Birthing Sow.  I was prepared to be a little disturbed for this part, however,  the piglets were already hatched and cute as a honey bee on a dandelion! ( I just made that expression up!   What do you think?  Think it will catch on?) DSC_1496DSC_1497

Eventually we had to eat!  I mean, that was the whole reason I wanted to go in the first place.   There were only two booths there to choose from so the selection was rather limited.  But I decided that I wanted to try the BBQ Pork Nacho's!  I elected to have them without the ladle of cheese sauce.   There were delicious with just the pork. And…My heart and arteries will thank me someday.  I just know it.DSC_1478DSC_1477

It was not all about pigs though!   Even a pork festival has to have something else for the few people who are not as fascinated by pigs as I am!  Enter: the petting pen, the tractor Show, the Puppies, the Lama, the Pony Rides, Rabbits, Fire Rescue, Children Games, And Petal Tractor Pull! 

  With Vendors and sweets in the main building and a guy on a unicycle juggling!   It was almost like a circus instead of a festival!   But the BEST was yet to come…..

Enter:   THE COMBINE!   Yes!   The AWESOME SCOURGE of IOWA!  Many a person has felt the bite of this AWESOME creature!  Whether it be Its AWESOME SIZE;DSC_1507 




I have always wondered why so many  people in the mall have leg braces, crutches, or casts on various extremities. DSC_1524 Now I know…..Harvest time! DSC_1519  Whether playing with, Playing on , or being unfortunate enough to just be in front of it, it looks like a rather unforgiving MONSTER!   I’m sure even the hidden scars on the pocket book make this one machine difficult to call your own.  DSC_1506

So,  At the end of the day, ( actually only about 30 minutes!)  we saw everything there was to see at the festival and I thought that this occasion required I give something back to the community.  This was a situation that begged for an Origami to sum it all up.  DSC_1480So hats off to you, Wellman Iowa Pork Festival!   I now want to “PIG OUT” on pigs that are fattened on a healthy diet of organic Corn and Soybeans.  If you are looking to go somewhere on some random weekend in October,  And you happen to be close to Wellman Iowa,  I would totally recommend this festival.  It’s fun, educational, small, and DELICIOUS!   Everything that a Bigger festival has…only smaller.


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