Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Origami Trouble!

I knew, that some day,  Origami would be my downfall!   As I am rather shy about fame and glory,  I knew that if my influence registered on the radar of certain people, I would get myself into trouble.   Well,   As fate would have it,  my notoriety at ACT has attracted the attention of the higher ups and they are now concerned that I am doing this origami while at work!   Really?!?!? If they only knew the time and materials that it takes to make one,  they would probably come to their senses and realize the idea is,   well,   highly unlikely.   You need a large flat surface, folding knife, spray mister, various clips and fasteners, and a place to put your book/computer/reference material.   Anyway,  I DO  do a limited amount of folding at my work station, ( candy wrappers mostly) however, it has not effected my performance.   but  the idea that they mention it made me a little....how should I say...ticked!   So my first reaction was to throw away all evidence of my "origami habit"   and stop bringing stuff to work.   But then I read one of the posts on the ACT website about the latest reaction to my last piece and I 'slightly' changed my mind.  

  Cheryl thinks I should FLOOD the building with all of the origami I can.   I mostly fold at home anyway,  and I was NOT PAID to make the video that they put on the website.  So I'm not going to let a few negative comments bumm me out ..(too much anyway.)   In the mean time,  I have relayed a message to a few people to keep my profile out of the light a little more  ( it never works)  and I will probably keep folding.   What else is there to do?   I can't stop.   It has become a habit for me.....perhaps an obsession.  So we shall see.    At least I can post a little on the blog at the moment.   

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Origami, Fireworks, And Working too Much!

With my postings becoming more and more infrequent,  I'm not sure where to begin and what to talk about.   So much happens between posts that I simply do not have the battery life to type it all up. Well,  I guess we will begin with the fireworks for the Fourth of July.  We watched them from the  cool and comfort of our own apartment and managed to take a few pictures of the experience.  We were still new with the camera,  so many of the pics did not turn out.  However,  I AM impressed with what did turn out!   I have seen some other blogs that posted really cool pics so they must know the settings to have when taking them. 

Otherwise,  I have become more and more famous at work these days.   So much so that I'm having panic attacks whenever someone seems to recognize me!   ( Just kidding)  Actually, our group leader is in charge of the news feeds and is having a bit of fun keeping everyone at ACT guessing at the "mysterious origami artist/ghost"  I actually like hearing people talk about the sculptures that I leave around and trying to guess who might be leaving them.   I even have had a few commissions on a few! 

I have had the opportunity to tackle several rather difficult patterns lately.  Some have turned out rather spectacular.....which only raises the bar for me to "WOW" them with something even more stunning!  It's rather fun, and now that I can score faster and more actually,  I can now fold while I read ( something I was doing before, but now I can do it a little more often.)  Reading essays all day really does a number on your brain!   And your eyes,  so it is a good idea to take a break now and then to keep your sanity. Peering into the minds of High school students can be very fatiguing and frustrating at the same time.  But alas,  I digress!  

So now,   We actually sold a stocking!   IN JULY!  And that has provide a little encouragement for us to continue sewing.   However,  Cheryl is beginning to have her doubts  about the whole thing....which is typical for this time of year.   It happens so often that all of your optimism and hopes begin to dwindle away a little at a time until you are out of  "MOJO"   just before August.   IT happened to me during the carving days, and it is almost nice to  count on the 'summer time of depression' to hit us.  I know we will soldier on as we always do.   In the Army it was called a 'gut check!'   The moment one a long run or march when you hit that wall and want to quit.  That is when you reach down and dig deep to see if you are a quitter or someone who drives on,   and separate yourself from the ones who fall back or out.  
Ok,   This is getting long with my evangelizing about the virtues of perseverance.   This is becoming quite long now so I better wrap it up and post my pics before my battery dies.   Hope everyone is having a great week so far, and I will continue to hope for more opportunities to post. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th Of July...2 years of Independence in Iowa.

Can you believe it?  It has been 2 full years since we sold everything and came to Iowa!   Time sure flies!   Well,  To celebrate our freedom from Michigan, 

 We spent a small portion of our day working on the Web shop....See the pretty colored stockings?  Anyway,   Much has happened and I do not have much time to talk about it all,  buyt I thought blogging a little is better than none.  IN short,   I have been doing quite a bit of Origami lately, and I've become quite the celebrity at ACT. 
 Also,  The New camera is working out GREAT!  I had some really cool pics to show the differance between the two cameras,  but let me just say it is a world apart!  And last but not least,  Origami Moose!  

 I'm quite proud of this one...Also the peacock turned out pretty good as well.   So....Untill I have more time,   that is all for now..
And  a Really Great shot of the cats!    What a Great Camera!


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