Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Is it Wednesday already!?!

Ah! There is nothing like writing a long, well thought out post and having your computer freeze up on you before you get to publish it! AGGGGH! My wife has informed me that I need to settle down, but I still need to post something tonight, So this one will be shorter. I finished carving two seats tonight, hopefully our supply store will get more in tomorrow so I can finish the other four. I wanted to show off what a finished seat looks like with two coats of finished polyurethane on it. Most of the time, I snap a picture before I put any ploy on the seats. Notice how the high gloss shows off even the smallest of carving detail. Also, I wanted to show off a new bug that I want to try create out of Origami. I came close last night, but I want to see if I can clean up the design a bit before I post a picture. Stay tuned! The Anime of the week! Black Cat! It's Awesome for all those anime fans. Great music, action, and you gotta love the cute little girl.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday catch up!

Well, yes I was a sloth yesterday. I did carve up the five seats I had, but I finished them up tonight. I don't feel too guilty because we planned this year to cut down on our trips the UPS store and Post Office. Also, Our supply store is 15 miles away ( 30 miles round trip IF they have the seats!) To save on gas and time we have a three day shipping rule. It just happened that some of the seat are taking slightly longer to get out. No biggy really! As of right now, I have 5 seats for tomorrow!( YEAH!) The seats for tonight were rather difficult to paint, so I'm thankful for the two day manufacturing. And, some origami Beetles. ( I was just experimenting.) I have a number of ones I want to make. we'll see if I can crack the code!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Wrap up!

Finally finished carving up 8 seats tonight. The store that supplies our seats is out at the moment, so two seats had to be pushed back until Monday. Other than carving though, we had a pretty fun weekend. We went to the World Store and got some silverware that we desperately needed ( our old plastic forks and spoons were falling apart!) And it has been raining here for two days straight. Friday was wonderful, but Saturday and Sunday have been raining cats and dogs. Speaking of cats, Red, the shop cat, got caught outside in the squall! He came back totally soaked! Also today, Cheryl took a picture of the Piliated woodpecker nests around this area. It's rare that he comes down close, but once he came so close to me and the cat I could have reached out and touched him. The picture is not bad for our little camera. This picture captures all of my birdhouses in the back yard.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday end of the week carving!

Carved up 4 seats tonight. Took longer than I had anticipated, which means A longer night for me to watch the poly dry. No biggy! I have plenty of Anime to watch. ( Funimaton has lots of shows!) As some of you may know, I'm a big barbershop quartet fan. I recently found out that my neighbor is in a group called the fountain street four. They have invited me to listen in on a rehearsal next Wednesday ( If I'm awake that is. They are still new and kinda green, but then again, practice makes perfect. Here's One I like. and although at the last competition, they lost points for being too "choral" I think they have potential.

YEAH! Finished adding the Bins!

Tonight I had nothing else to do but work on my sanding table. It's SO close to being done I can't hardly wait! Basically I put in the bins for the top. I have been giving it lots of thought, but it still was rather challenging. I first decided that I would make the drawer, then install it. And although this did work, it took a lot of time and fussing to try to make it straight and right. So, for the last two I decided to just build them in as I went. That went a lot easier but does not look as pretty I guess. Bottom line is that they work and I can now fill them with stuff that has been cluttering Cheryl's painting area for months ( years?) I scrounged up three mismatched handles and put them on to finish the outside. I discovered that I now have to add a small piece of wood to keep certain things from rolling out when the bins are closed, but that should be easy. The rest should be cosmetic small things that hopefully I won't forget about. And what would a post be without a picture of the shop cats. Rash and Red are both curled up in the nest. This used to be common but they don't sleep together much since we got the kitten.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Origami Tuesday!

I carved up three seats tonight. Nothing new or special, But I did snap a quick picture of my sweat shop labor painting the palm tree. She is great! She works for only a couple of chocolate bars and a BLT sandwich for a full days work! You can't beat that! But I really wanted to [post about my origami. Today is the second day in a row that I have gotten Requests! One of the ladies at the post office wants a bug and the other one wants a bird. Then tonight a cashier at Target asked for an origami in red! I seem to be popular even though I thought they just threw them away. Well, last night I worked on a couple of bugs and I was quite happy with how they turned out. I also made another wasp, but it turned out kinda bad so no bragging pictures of that. So now I still have to make a bird and perhaps something else in red.

Monday, April 20, 2009

An Inside look at the sanding table, The shop cats' Expose'.

Just finished carving up five seats tonight. It seems funny that there certain seats are "in" this year. Pine cones, Blue heron, and Elephant to name a few! All the pictures are new and unique from all of last week. The Otter seat is new, but there was a time when it was popular as well. So tonight I opened up the sanding table to empty the vacuum shavings and remembered that I had not yet posted a picture of the inside! The addition of the fan inside the collection box is amazing! It creates just enough downdraft to suck the lion's share of the floating dust down into the collector. While hooking it up, I mounted the on/off speed dial on the outside so I can control the fan without unplugging it. I still have to work on the front bins, but with a couple seats already for tomorrow, I probably will be carving instead. And, just to bump up the "cute" factor, Cheryl snapped this picture of the cats eating. Usually the "kitten" drives the other two away from the food while they play "musical food dish." But somehow they managed to stay put long enough for this picture to be taken. Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

New shop cat!?

I just finished catching up all the seats for the weekend. I now have Sunday free to work on whatever I like ( yeah!) Rashi decided she would play my shop cat for tonight. She camped out in one of the unfinished open drawers. I didn't even notice her until I took the picture! She is quite fond of small dark secret places. I didn't post yesterday, but I was working on my cooking skills with sushi and dumplings. Although the dumplings were a little too thick, the seaweed wraps turned out well and I am very pleased. I might give dumplings another go around, but I think I'll stick to the surimi and seaweed wraps. ( they taste awesome if you have never had seaweed before) And the latest origami: A silver dragon. I am encouraged and might attempt a larger one later. Hope you're all having a great weekend!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Last carving day before the Weekend!

I'm now completely caught up for the week! YEAH! Actually had a couple of new seats ( new meaning that I have not carved them yet this month) Namely, the bluegill seat and the Chickadee in maple leaves seat. I liked the way they turned out and they are fun to carve because of the detail. I'm glad I could take my time and not have to rush through them. Here's a little sample of me carving the fins on the bluegill seat. I'm probably not going to post anymore vids until I work out the bugs. Its too blurry and shaky. And! My latest origami. A Rhinoceros beetle!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

From Three to Nine!

What started out as an easy day turned into a busy one. I was only able to carve 7 of the nine seats tonight because my supply store was out. And the second supply store makes no attempt to keep our seats in stock Ugh! They have about 7 unwrapped broken seats on the shelves and even though We have told them about the damaged merchandise, they refuse to remove and replace it with new! Anyway, The only new seat is the flip flop seat. It has been a while since anyone has ordered that one.


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