Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Subaru O2 Sensor.... A Confession.

A quick post to remind my future self of the learning process and how I'm a "Trial and Error" kind of learner.... sometimes.

Remember the Subaru?   And all those little "Quirks" that have been plaguing you for the last month or so?   Well,  turns out that the O2 sensor that I installed 5 months ago wiggles loose and rubbed against the front axle.   The "Cylinder 1 misfire" code was caused by the O2 sensor shorting out after the axel had rubbed a nice hole through the heat wrap and into one of the wires.

I could go into detail how the Mechanics chose to inform us about this revelation, but I will spare myself that humiliation.  I am  well aware of how it went down and will remember it forever...probably. 

But I continue to beat myself up over the fact that I simply could not accept that the O2 sensor could be bad.   I "Just Changed It!" was my constant thought.  It simply could not be that.   I was wrong.

I even looked it over and thought about taking it out..."Just to look at it." But decided at the last moment that it would be too much trouble.   How stupid and lazy I am....

Well, After the 60$ "finder's fee" the Mechanics charged us, and the 70$ for a new O2 sensor from Amazon,  I just finished installing it.   I made sure to use zip ties to lock it down this time.   I will keep my fingers crossed that it holds.   You see, the small clip that originally held it must have allowed it to slip out.  The front axle is only a few CM mp to cause it to rub.  I simply have no other way to prevent it from slipping out again.   There are no other ways to secure the wire any farther away from the axle.   So, I'm still at the mercy of the elements and Murphy's Law.

But at least the poor power and knocking are gone...  for now.

 I'm hoping the O2 sensor was the root of all of my problems.   Had I caught it sooner...  We might have been able to go to that Marathon and avoid the Mechanics all together.   Grrrr.   Anger and frustration can not accurately describe the emotions I feel.   But maybe if this happens again, I will at least be able to look it up on the Blog and see if I can solve it myself.... again.    Good Luck, Future Ethan!   And My advice to you is:  Never lose money, be a better everything, and try not to suck!   You're Welcome!

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