Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Post! A New Computer, And some new Origami

To all my fans, I'm BACK! It has been a while since my last post and that was not very exciting, But to be honest, our computer was fried during a wonderful electrical storm that messed up the local grid for about a day. Not that anything big was effected, just our computer. Would you not know it that the one plug in the house that did not have a surge protector on it ( it is an old-ish house) was the one I was using at the time. Ah well, It was not like I was blogging a lot or had much to talk about anyway. However, we now have a smaller lighter laptop now and hopefully it will provide us with some enjoyment for a little while. So you may be asking what has happened for the past several weeks? Well, Besides the number of New anime that we have been watching ( reviews to come later) I have been working on some Origami with a new paper. Well, Sort-of paper...It's called Tyvek. And it is a very strong plastic that behaves like paper in certain ways. That is to say that it creases well and can be folded similar to various papers I have tried. The BEST part is that it is very VERY tough! This allows me to manipulate it over and over again into odd shapes without it breaking or tearing! It also has some flaws similar to paper in that it wants to lose its shape over time and it rather thick. To test out the limits, I usually try an animal that requires multiple folds. I tried a scorpion that turned out pretty well given the thickness and multiple layers of paper for each leg. It also requires a lot of glue to keep its shape. A sculpture like this will unfold in a matter of seconds if left alone! So, With a little more creativity, I worked on a basset hound, a lion, and a red eye tree frog. I'm really enjoying working with this material as it opens another dimension to the creatures. I can't wait to post more as I become inspired!

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