Friday, March 9, 2012

Some Origami Jewels.....

It is finally at a stage where I can take a few pics and it looks almost done. There is still much to mess around with, but I really wanted to post something on this blog about my current origami project. Anyway, What could be more colorful than humming birds and flowers. It may be true that many of the flowers ( and humming birds) are simply made up with their color combinations. However, I do have a few that are true to life. I discovered a way to add a third color to the birds where it will look good with the folding. I have been exploring it with other hummers as well. There are just so many very colorful hummingbirds out there. Being on the other side of the Mississippi you only have the ruby throated. But out west there are many many more. I also added a couple pics of the frogs while I was at it. My goal is to color the ceiling with flowers, leaves and birds. IT will take some time...but I have all summer to make it happen.

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