Friday, April 20, 2012

Gioza, Cats, and Continuing Stocking Production...

It may be just me, but I feel the desire to remind myself when I reread this a year from now to remind myself that we were, in fact, working on stockings.   We are on a bit of a leave from ACT at the moment, and that is great!  Because it allows us to catch up ( or at least work on) the stockings  as we work at the job. 
 By the way,  I hate having a job!   This is not saying ACT is bad....actually it is possibly one of the best jobs ever!  But it still requires me to get up in the morning and work an 8 hour day.   ACK!   I have forgotten just how much I hate it.  ( not that CIVCO was not an equal reminder) Anyway,  More felt is coming and that is good because we will be running out of our supply by the beginning of next week.  And since we have an entire week off of ACT,  It will be best to have felt to work with instead of sitting around with nothing to do. 
Ok,  Enough of that,   in other news,    the cats look cute as they sleep away the day while we work.   And   to add a little fun to the weekend....Gioza!  Also known as potstickers to those westerners....or dumplings.    I want to find a recipe to show me how to make our own....perhaps then we will have another "adventure in the kitchen" post.   Until then....hope everyone has a great week! 

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