Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Origami Trouble!

I knew, that some day,  Origami would be my downfall!   As I am rather shy about fame and glory,  I knew that if my influence registered on the radar of certain people, I would get myself into trouble.   Well,   As fate would have it,  my notoriety at ACT has attracted the attention of the higher ups and they are now concerned that I am doing this origami while at work!   Really?!?!? If they only knew the time and materials that it takes to make one,  they would probably come to their senses and realize the idea is,   well,   highly unlikely.   You need a large flat surface, folding knife, spray mister, various clips and fasteners, and a place to put your book/computer/reference material.   Anyway,  I DO  do a limited amount of folding at my work station, ( candy wrappers mostly) however, it has not effected my performance.   but  the idea that they mention it made me a little....how should I say...ticked!   So my first reaction was to throw away all evidence of my "origami habit"   and stop bringing stuff to work.   But then I read one of the posts on the ACT website about the latest reaction to my last piece and I 'slightly' changed my mind.  

  Cheryl thinks I should FLOOD the building with all of the origami I can.   I mostly fold at home anyway,  and I was NOT PAID to make the video that they put on the website.  So I'm not going to let a few negative comments bumm me out ..(too much anyway.)   In the mean time,  I have relayed a message to a few people to keep my profile out of the light a little more  ( it never works)  and I will probably keep folding.   What else is there to do?   I can't stop.   It has become a habit for me.....perhaps an obsession.  So we shall see.    At least I can post a little on the blog at the moment.   

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Malea said...

Amusing and disturbing news. :) I always was afraid I'd be accused of crafting at work or something, but I also had sooooo little to do on most days at my old job, that even though I didn't bring craft stuff to work, I still worried. Everyone there knew I was a crafter, and several coworkers bought my stuff, or suggested my stuff to other employees, so it was a valid concern, I think. Thankfully, nothing ever happened.

Happy folding to you!


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