Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th Of July...2 years of Independence in Iowa.

Can you believe it?  It has been 2 full years since we sold everything and came to Iowa!   Time sure flies!   Well,  To celebrate our freedom from Michigan, 

 We spent a small portion of our day working on the Web shop....See the pretty colored stockings?  Anyway,   Much has happened and I do not have much time to talk about it all,  buyt I thought blogging a little is better than none.  IN short,   I have been doing quite a bit of Origami lately, and I've become quite the celebrity at ACT. 
 Also,  The New camera is working out GREAT!  I had some really cool pics to show the differance between the two cameras,  but let me just say it is a world apart!  And last but not least,  Origami Moose!  

 I'm quite proud of this one...Also the peacock turned out pretty good as well.   So....Untill I have more time,   that is all for now..
And  a Really Great shot of the cats!    What a Great Camera!

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