Friday, August 17, 2012

Origami Matador!

Just a quick post to show off the latest origami.   A bull and a matador...I'm quite pleased with the matador as I had to make up the design on my own.   I basically used the "girl in a dress" model with a rectangle piece of red and gold paper.   I even pulled off the color change on my own!    Anyway,  it got snapped up right away at the ACT so I didn't get much of a chance to show it off.    I can always make another one.    Currently I'm working on a opera singer and another Chinese dragon version.    I still have to work on the European dragon.....Ah  the time!   
We will be finding ourselves with more time off, however,  as we are zipping through the project and it is beginning to wind down.    The kids are now back at school so Barns and Nobels is rather peaceful at the moment.    Oh!  And we made a sale!   On ETSY!   YEAH!  Money is always welcome at our doorstep!  Hopefully  the drought is over and the rain will start back up again....just like here in Iowa.  Hope everyone is having a great week...and has a great weekend. 

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