Saturday, March 19, 2011

Civco, Spring, And a Week without the shop cat..

It has been almost a week and a half since Red decided to leave us for the happy mousing grounds in the sky. And we miss him. Cheryl says it is like that radio in the background that is alwasy playing but you really don't notice until one day it is not playing. I miss taking Red for walks out in the yard. And, it is finally warming up a bit here so he would actually enjoy it more. On a brighter note, Cheryl and I got a temporary gig at Civco and it makes the time go by a little bit easier. Civco is a local company that manufactures Medical Equipment. It's actually not so bad. Perhaps a little boring, but quite easy. We work in the clean room folding plastic bags and packaging latex covers for equipment. They make lots of stuff from disposable covers to full blown machines ( they have a machine shop with all the really cool "toys" where they make probes, ultrasound machines, Etc.) Our focus is limited to the clean room, however, so I don't get to play with an industrial lathe or bansdaw. On the downside, it does pretty much kill the day so there is not much time for blogging or checking in to the shops. I guess it is a trade off no matter what. Hopefully I'll get to blog a little more often, but every time I say that, it seems like the gaps get wider and wider between posts. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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