Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our Poor Sick cat

The Shop cat ( Red) Has been feeling a little under the weather the last couple of days. I think he ate something that did not agree with him and he has been lethargic and puky since. I don't like seeing my shop cat feeling bad so it has been bugging me. However, He was fine until two days ago when we changed up his food. I personally think he caught a stomach bug that has been giving him loose stool and nausea. However, he is alert and he does drink water. I'm hoping that this will pass, as the online key was pretty vague on the subject. He is a healthy cat and he has had no contact with any other outside ( strange) cats. Other than the changing of the food, ( which, by the way, was one of the "problems" that could cause these symptoms) He could not contact one of the "major" viruses anyway. So, Until poor Red feels better, I'm going to be holding his paw and trying to get him to drink as much water and he can. ( hydration is the key to beating a cold!) In other news. Remember how I mentioned the Bald Eagles here in Iowa? Until today, I was pretty sure we had at least 3 hovering around our local town. However, that was all blown away today! On our trip to Iowa City, we saw about 50! ( that is right! 50!) Bald Eagles hanging out in the middle of this open corn field. There was NO mistake what they were. I sure wish I knew what they were after in that field, but with no camera and not wanting to walk out into a muddy field, I will most likely never know. It was a sight thought. Perhaps they are migrating north at this time. How I wish we could have had some documentation, because I have only seen pictures of Eagles like this along a river stuffed with spawning Salmon. Hope every one's week is going well. And I'm hoping the Red gets back on his feet real soon! P.S. The Eagle pics are "borrowed" from online. From some people who have better cameras than me...

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