Monday, January 23, 2012

New Color Designs...Continued!....with some Origami.

We are continuing to flesh out the color palette and the designs before ACT starts up. With a little luck and some determination, we should have the entire lay out ready for pictures before the end of the month. We shall see what our motivation levels are like after a day of Grading. In other news, I have been working on some Origami....I have not taken many pictures of them and I don't really have a place to leave we do not go to Panera everyday as we once did.'s more of the same. Make stockings, and prepare for next Christmas. It is a long and rather boring path...but one we are determined to follow. Hope everyone is surviving the winter....Here in Iowa, the weather does not want to make up its mind. Sometimes it is cold, other days, almost warm. What fun!

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