Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Designs! NEW COLORS!

So we finally received our new colors...and what a show! Slightly brighter than last years, these are sure to make an impression. It is a little bit on the risky side for us, as we are not sure if anyone else will enjoy the colors as we do. But for now, we will be working on creating the prototypes in each color and then going from there. As for the old designs: We are keeping a few unchanged and are working on the production part for them. The goal is to make 20 stockings a day for 200 days. ( For those bad at math, that is 4000 stockings for the year) After doing the calculating for the surface area of the stock, we have determined that the entire collection will fit in our bedroom stacked in these boxes up to the ceiling. Cheryl is very excited! We are a little behind in production mode at the moment, but there should be more time as the year progresses to keep the pace going. As for now...enjoy the colors!

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