Monday, January 9, 2012

Origami Bugs....with New Paper! And New Stocking Design for 2012.

It is unfortunate that the camera could not take find the conditions right for the picture taking, but we will pull through. Anyway, with the new found time we have acquired after the season rush..I have made some new paper to fold up. Not to mention Cheryl gave me several new origami books to play with. Some are rather advanced and I regret that my calculus skills are rusty tot he point of incomprehensible. ( that means I have forgotten almost everything about Calc one and two!) So when they put in a logarithm for the folding ratios, I recognize the symbols, but forget what they mean....However! I can still read and look at pictures, And can still follow the design steps, so I can at least figure out some new things without knowing all of the science behind it. So, A few of Robert Lang's designs, along with some of Michael G. LaFosse. As well as a few from my own collection. I really like the way the beetle turned out, unfortunately it is rather blurry ( thanks camera!) In addition, we have been working on the 2012 collection of stocking designs. We set our goal to make 20 stockings a day until November, but so far we are a little behind. But the designs are coming! We have a mouse, skunk, new squirrel, and several new birds! As well as a new stocking design and several new felt colors! I received my button order and can't wait to start production. Getting started is the hardest part. Other than that, they are cutting down the last tree in the back yard today. And there has not been any snow yet this year ( yeah!) I don't really miss the snow much, but it is still pretty windy and cold. Ah well, Perhaps I can survive another year in Iowa. One of the upstairs tenants have left already this year. Hope everyone else is having a great 2012 so far! I'll try to blog more often.

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