Saturday, June 16, 2012

Origami Mouse, Elephant, Drancing Crane, And Crazy Neighbor part 2....And really cool beetle.

So Here we are again,  It has been forever since I have last posted but now that the scoring season is letting go a little,  We now have some time off.   I still might not be able to blog as often as I would like,  but it is nice to have some time off.    Anyway,   there is much that happens between posts,  And since I have to sqeeze it all into one,   here we go:
So first lets get some of the origami out of the way.  I figured I have made over $100 from my co workers as they "donate" money  for their favorite foldings.    ( I don't ask them for anything,  they just leave me money!)  So, between the paper and the money,  I have been motivated more and more to continue pushing the limits of my skill.  ( granted,  I'm not the best there is ...yet) So I was rather proud of the way the last couple sculptures turned out.   The paper is differant, as well as the technique. I also had a wet folded cat that I was pretty proud of.  but the picture did not turn out very well.  


So, In addition,  we had a small flood....again,   a really scary beetle showed up that Cheryl was happy to share with me.  Luckily we were able to capture it before it ate the cat or got in Cheryls hair, and let it go.   Hats off to Cheryl!  After the initial shock,  she was able to overcome her fear and throw a used plastic container over it while I stood on a chair and barked orders between screams! So we let him go and everything eventually got back to normal.  
And the there is the neighbor.   At least she is consistant.   The neighbor upstairs parked in "her" spot ( crazy neighbor's spot) and crazy was able to send the message to  upstairs as well.   I know this is confusing,   so lets use the nick names Cheryl and I have provided for each neighbor.   "The Tickler" Is the upstairs neighbor who owns the black car.    "Flea Bait"  Is the Crazy Neighbor who owns the white car and thinks she owns the first parking slot.    No!  She is not handicaped in any way.....she just really wants that spot and gets upset,  Equally mind you,   when anyone parks there.   So I'm sure she will continue to park extra close to anyone who violates the unwritten rule.   What fun!  
Other than that,  Cheryl and I are planning on taking a little break from scoring for a week and work on stockings instead.   Scoring will kick back up after that so we should be back on the clock then.   Until then,  it is time to rest our brain and work on our ultimate plan to take over the world! 

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L. D. Burgus said...

Your origami pieces are really wonderful art works, sculptures. I hope they realize they are getting wonderful works of original art.


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