Saturday, June 2, 2012

So Much to Blog about, so Little time to Blog.

So, Where do I begin?   It has been a while since my last post and I just have not had the time to log on and post anything.  But stuff still manages to happen that is fascinating.  So first I will start with my origami.   I have recently had the opportunity to use the largest sheets of paper I have ever created....Not counting the tyvek.  This paper was old and rather brittle,  but I discovered that with wet folding, it comes ALIVE!   It was the most fun to work with as it held its shape well as I folded it into the dragon you see here.   I folded this dragon several times with the three sheets I could make.  It was a big hit at the ACT! 
Additionally,  I have been working on some other sculptures,   like  lobster, banana slug, and F15 eagle.   I also found a really great brown paper and folded a large scorpion.   The sheet of paper was 20 inches square!   This was probably the best scorpion I have folded to date.   It still could be improved on,  but the paper just started to rip as I was making my final touches on it.  

Additionally,  Just a small addition of something rather cool.   I was watching a sulphur butterfly when she dropped down in front of me and laid an egg on a clover leaf.  My crappy camera could not focus  well enough to take a decent picture, but, thankfully,  someone online who had a better camera was able to capture a true close up of the egg.   It was pretty cool, and it is the first time I have ever seen an actual butterfly egg.  
And  lastly,   I guess there was an incident at the place where we work.   I guess ( I'm only reflection on the rumor)  Someone came into the first floor of the building with a vest filled with sticks of dynamite...or road flares....not sure about the details.   Anyway,  they evacuated the first floor just in case until security was able to remove the man.   It was ok though,  Cheryl and I work on the second floor,   so they did not have to evacuate us.     And so it has been that Cheryl and I have been spending our weekends at ACT scoring and have had little energy to do much else at the end of each day.    I guess we will have a break coming up in the next couple of weeks,   but in the mean time,  we will continue to make as much money as we can and I will try to squeeze a posting in when I can.....and continue with the is the only thing I have the energy to do..I will have to post a later blog entry about how the Mochi making has been coming.   At this moment,   Two failures in the kitchen....but at least the results have been edible.  I think I'm getting closer to success though.  We shall see.

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