Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mochi Success! Well, Sort of..

So I have been working on mochi  for the past several weeks now and finally achieved success worth showing off!  It only took three times to get it right...sort of.  
 That means that it has the same taste and co9nsistencey as the professional ones,  but I still have to work on the presentation.   I already have ideas how to fix that with my next batch.    These guys were filled with peanut butter because I like that better than the traditional red bean paste.   ( besides,  I JUST figured out how to make the mochi,   I didn't feel like tackling red bean paste!)  So it is Tuesday, and Cheryl and I made a special Trip to Iowa City to do some errands and make some major purchases. 
  We decided that the stockings need an upgrade in their picture quality and we have been taking pictures with the best camera we could afford.   It's not bad,  but it is quite limiting in its quality and focus.  Hopefully,  you will see a better quality in my blog postings as well.   ( perhaps I'll be able to capture that Butterfly egg next time!  )  Other than that,  
 Cheryl and I have been working on Stockings and hopefully will get some posted online this week or at least begin to chip away at the pictures.  Oh!  And before I forget,   We have a couple of new Animes!    Black Butler 2 and Antique Bakery!   
We finished Antique last night and will begin with black butler tonight.   Antique is not bad,  but the MAnga is MUCH better....so to truly appreciate the anime,  read the manga first.....the character development is better, more fun, and there are several story arcs that are left out in the 12 episode anime.... but it is still a fun time.   Check it out!   

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Malea said...

I'm so curious about mochi! With our food allergies, we haven't actually had the real thing. I've considered attempting to make them myself, but they seem quite difficult.


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