Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Paper, More Dragons.

As our time at ACT winds down,   I have been working on a few new designs with some different paper.   I'm pleased with the gold dragon,  but the red paper has issues that need to be solved yet.   Although I think the scorpion turned out ok,  it still managed to strain the paper to the tear point.   Even after dampening it,  it lost even more integrity.   Ah well,  the design was not that complicated,  but it will require a little more experimentation. 

we have several days off this weekend,  so I'm looking forward to making some more paper and folding something a little more complex...we shall see.....Cheryl and I have been back to sewing stockings once again, and we have made a few more sales so hopefully,  things will start picking up on the business end...Hope everyone is having a great week so far,   and now the weekend begins!

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