Sunday, May 17, 2015

Cheryl’s 20 Mile Wilderness Run!

20_miles_300 So we ran the long run yesterday, and completed it!  20 Miles!   20 long and grueling miles…..Done!

d02work chaos

This accomplishment is further enhanced because it was a rather rough week of employment this last week.   People had to train, rules had to be established, and people had to be shifted around.  An Semi-Organized Chaos pretty much sums it up.  Add to that the late night scoring and the early maintenance runs in Keota ( at around 5 am!) and there is a sense of sleep depravation and work foverworked-scoring at night atigue that makes a 20 mile run on the weekend sound impossible!Good-Running!

But we did it!   WE:  Meaning I was forced to tag along with the bike.   No big deal, you say?  Perhaps I have it slightly easier than Cheryl since I ride a bike, but after 20 miles, even my knees and ankles begin to throb.  Add to that the various bike problems that follow and my stress levels are every bit as high…without that so called “runner’s high” everyone loves to talk about.   I do not get that riding a bike…..I think I’m missing out.

Speaking of bikes, Broken Spokes I broke yet another spoke.   Not too big of a deal, except that it warps your tire frame and makes an annoying sound …..easy fix...right?made even MORE annoying after 20 miles!   So…I’ve done this before….even bought the tools to complete it at home…Piece of cake!   

24 hours later and the bike is finally fixed.   It is a long and depressing story.   Let’s just say I probably should have paid the $20 to have the shop fix it instead of taking the DIY path.  Ah well,   I can’t help being who I am….

Bright Blue Bird! Lots of deer Other than that misstep,  We managed to endure the rather high humidity and heat.  And enjoy several deer, numerous rabbits and an Indigo Bunting Sighting!     Cheryl was very excited about that.   Indigo BuntingsTons of Rabbits are fairly striking against a green and brown background 

Other than that,  My current project is scored out so I have the rest of the afternoon free.   And I guess I will take some of that time to blog and fold up something.  And make sure my bike tire does not go flat now that I have been messing with it.  Indigo Bunting  a rare find!Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler and we are thinking about running/biking in the afternoon in Iowa City after work  We shall see how things go since we might be too tired to function on any level after reading papers all day.  Not to mention there is scoring in the evening for both of us.   But I am not fond of waking up before 5 am to run/bike before the sun rises.   We shall see how things go.

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