Saturday, May 30, 2015

Cheryl's 22 Mile Turtle Run!

The BIG 22 Mile run was today.    From the title, you might think Cheryl ran it at an all time slow speed.    Well,  That might be partially true for the last 8 miles, but for the most part, she was tracking at her normal pace for the majority of the run.  
Nope,   the title comes from an actual turtle encounter today.   A very large snapping turtle!

Snapping turtles are not uncommon…unless you are 8 miles from the nearest body of water!     It was in the middle of the trail…in the middle of a field… the middle of farm country!

We left it alone…..there was no “"room on the bike to carry it  back to the river/creek that was back by the bridge ( about 8 miles away!) and I figured that it somehow found its way this far… must be capable of finding its way back. 

Judging from a bing search….the turtle may have been a “she” and may have been looking for a place to lay some eggs.   I’m not sure, but now I’m happy I left it alone.   The last time I “helped” a turtle, I may have done more harm than good, placing him back into the river on the side he was obviously trying to leave.   Ah well!  At least he did not get run over by a car…which is what would have happened had he remained in his current location.

Anyway,  Cheryl and I completed the 22 mile run and we managed to survive.  Cheryl even feels surprisingly “perky” after such an ordeal.  I must admit my knees are a little sore after 3 hours of pedaling.   They don’t hurt…unless I try to get up and bend them from a 90 degree angle.   Other than that, the weather was a cool 63 degrees and the cloud cover kept the sun away for the duration.   There were the usual rabbits and chipmunks, in addition to a pheasant and the indigo bunting

The Bunting was a very cool surprise this time!   As we approached the area where he was spotted last week,  Cheryl found him sitting in the middle of the trail!  He flew up just as Cheryl was a out to reach him.  His Awesome Vibrant Blue was a sight to behold against the gray clouds and green foliage.

Later, on the return trip,  we saw him again, but could not stop long enough to enjoy the show.   He settled on a branch at eye level just off the trail.   It was unfortunate that I did not bring the camera this time.   I was afraid that it would rain ( which it did…briefly and gently) and I did not want the camera to get water damage.  

So…there it is!   22 miles was the biggest hump we have had to overcome yet.   The last great obstacle will be the actual marathon…coming up in  three weeks!   We now will have to taper down our runs to get ready.  

As for the job situation.     We are still scoring at college board and I score for Pearson at home… makes for a long day and a short night’s sleep.  hopefully the money will all make it worth it.   Grandma’s Marathon will be a little expensive, and I will feel safer if we have a little extra cushion of green.  If you know what I mean.

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