Sunday, May 31, 2015

Windows Live Writer...The Love, The Hate, The Utter Frustration of it All!

Sometime between last week and yesterday,  Windows Live Writer, the Program I use on my laptop to post my blog postings,  seems to have had an argument with Blogger...and they are not talking anymore.   I'm not sure why.   There was a "Windows Update" sometime around last Wednesday....maybe that messed things up.  As a RULE....Windows Updates screw up something every time.    Sometimes it is the Media player, other times the Keyboard.   Most of the time, it is simply the printer.   This time, however, it looks like it is the Window Live Writer.

So,  Don't get me wrong,  Windows Live Writer is GREAT!   I simply love it!   I can write my blog post and add pictures and it will auto save ( to prevent those irritable moments of lost effort when the web browser crashes or closes unexpectedly.) It sets up photo galleries to post the multitude of pics that do not make the initial posting page.  It is a very cool program. And Easy to learn and navigate.   No huge waste of time trying to figure things out.  It is these very reasons that also contribute to me hating it when it is on the blink.  The ease and friendly nature, quickly forms a dependency that is difficult to shake.
And so I spent much of my time yesterday playing marriage councilor trying to get Windows Live Writer back on talking terms with Blogger.   I'm not sure what Blogger's problem is....But he is refusing to accept Windows Live 's Username and Password authentication. I have looked up forums and help topics, which do nothing to help me.   Not only do I fail to understand Techno Speak....But from the reply list....the crazy pathways and solutions do not work! 
So here I am....( this happened before, the consequences were much more sever last time) back to using blogger directly...with all it's own hang ups and issues.   Posting pictures is a pain.  Saving frequently to prepare for sudden crashes and complications are a nuisance.  But it is my only option at the moment.    You may have noticed the change in formatting over yesterday's posting.....that is the difference with Blogger. 

QUICK UPDATE!   Someone was cool enough to address this issue and post a video on how to get around it.    Basically you have to Email Blogger your post, and Blogger will understand the Email, but NOT the Windows Live  Message....hurray for UPDATES!   I THOUGHT they were supposed to make things better.   Anyway,  If you are experiencing the same issue,  give this guys method a try.  Looks fairly simple enough.  Enjoy!  And Good Luck!

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