Wednesday, March 2, 2016

50,000 words! Break Out the Champagne, Or Sake in this Case.

Finally!   only 4 months late...
So,  why have I not been blogging lately?   Because I have been focused on the novel...which has finally crossed over the 50,000 words mark.  YEAH!   Does this mean I've met my goal?  Well, One of them...  Does this mean I'm done?
 Hardly.   The story has a ways to go and the entire story currently tops out at 148 pages....single spaced!  Hardly Literature length.   I'm sure I have to add at least 10,000 more words if I choose to rival Shakespeare!

Move over Will!   The Great Ethan Allen Cometh!
Ok, maybe that is a bit ambitious.   I'd settle for a publisher liking it enough to make a Twilight type series out of it.   Or Harry Potter....But let's not get too greedy.

So what is there to say?   Cheryl does not want me to read it to her and I would feel weird if I did anyway.   The story makes no sense to anyone who has not read it from the beginning, so there is no reason to try to explain it on this blog.  The only thing to note about the 50,000 word mark is the celebration over the milestone!  (Too bad I couldn't complete that number during November.)
Sushi on black?
Tuna and Salmon for me.
Finding a gift has never been easier!
And what better way to celebrate than with Sake!   Sake is great with Sushi, and Cheryl has been making all of the sushi that she has developed a certain level of expertise.   She has even purchased new plates and Origami Chopstick show off the pretty colors.   Black plates?  Sounds like the kind of wedding gift you buy for a Mortician.   (Do Morticians even get married?)  It may be odd, but it works for sushi..and that is why Cheryl loves to do the sushi making.
Fruit and salmon for Cheryl
As for me,  I still have to battle the cat while writing.   Instead of the big screen,

Check out the Origami Crane at the end!
  sometimes he watches videos on my computer directly.   I give up typing after a while because he is too close to my elbow,  but watching birds and squirrels scurry about is entertaining and a welcome break for me.
Cat attention span is short.
So it is a cold day here in Iowa.   Temps dropped from 60's back down to 20's yesterday and today.   However,  the eagles are all but gone now and we even saw a groundhog in the middle of a field.  I guess it was possible that he would come out earlier than usual.  now that the eagles have left.

But so is mine. 
Cheryl is back to running and I'm back to biking.   I'll have to see if I can keep up my contributions to the other blog as well.  Sometimes the water in the creative well is not as deep.   So I should focus on what comes naturally.
We'll run over those eagles and claim what is ours!
Hope everyone is having a great week so far.   Heute ist Mittwock already?  Times sure flies when you are writing.

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