Wednesday, March 23, 2016

How to Spoon your Wife.

Is it really good to be Honest?
Some people think Cheryl and I get along....well, we don't.  Not all the time,  but sometime,   when the conditions are right.
Like this guy knows.....Ha!
  For example.   Sometimes Cheryl attempts to kill me...with kindness.   This infuriates me... Because I don't want to die just yet.    So,  being a good husband who wants to maintain open communications...I tell her that her attempts at murder are bothersome.   Honesty is something Dr. Phil and every marriage counselor urges....Right?

This is how to effectively spoon someone. 
But sometimes Cheryl does not take my earnest attempt to maintain honesty as a kind gesture.   At times like's time to spoon her.     Sometimes it works.   Other times it takes something stronger.
Hoppy Beer with nontoxic bad food.

Like beer!   This one is Stone Runiation IPA.   It brags to be the hoppiest beer out there. It was good!    Especially with Chocolate covered Strawberries.   See how Cheryl sneaks in her attempts to kill me?

"Healthy" snacks.
Made from "Healthy" Stuff.
Other than that,   Cheryl has been working on Sushi and tea.    She recently discovered Matcha!   An expensive Tea from Japan that you can add to your cooking.   Today she made Matcha Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies.  I should probably add in Organic,  Gluten Free, Vegan, and Green....because the medicinal properties of Matcha are well known and undocumented. 
 In addition to aiding in digestion, lowering blood pressure, aids bodies PH levels, Refreshes body and mind, prevents illness, promotes healthy skin tone, aids weight loss, inhibits carcinogens. lowers cholesterol levels, prevents diabetes, Slows aging process, prevents food poisoning, protects against colds, prevents tooth decay and halitosis.  It pretty much does everything a good placebo should.
The Poison is in the dose.

So, with that in mind,  Cheryl has created Cookies that are dangerous.  For ME...anyway.   I'll end up eating them all and wonder when those secret weightless effects are going to kick in.  Forget about the potential poisoning effects when you overeat something.   Everyone knows that the poison is in the dose.

Naked Sushi?   Or Green Mango?
On the sushi front,   More sushi.   I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Tuna and Avocado...Yum!
The story is wrapping up.   Just over 77,000 words and it is reaching it's conclusion.   It would be cool if I could wrap it up before 80,000 words.  I never thought it would go on for this long,  but ultimately I'm happy with the way it is going.   Hopefully it will not languish in my desk drawer for years to come...only to ultimately be put on my blog as "filler".   We shall see if I can somehow manage to ever get it published.
Entertaining a cat has never been easier

Be sure to change the channel

I have been successful keeping the cat off of my keyboard for brief moments.   Even Hiro requires his TV time.

It pays to have had those history classes.
And that is about all that is going on in our boring lives.    It appears I have not blogged in a while..and this is the result....a made up story with mismatched pictures.   Ah well,   What else is there to do..... other than conquer Europe in Medieval  II Total War.   I'm England...Kicking the Crap out of France and Germany with my Longbowmen.

Ah!  Isn't it beautiful? 
HA!    Take that you Crepes and Krauts!   I guess Henry the VIII was not a very nice guy.  However,  the French and Germans keep picking fights with me and I am forced to hit back.   It is the only Chivalrous thing to do, after all.   Currently, the Pope ( Pope Spineless II of the hugs and kisses order)   is telling me to "play nice" with my Fellow Christians.....Boo Hoo.
Keep the Messages.  And SPOON!

I should also mention that Cheryl appears to be getting better.  Now that she can run again,  life seems to be back on the up-tick.   Perhaps I will be able to write about future races  in the near....future.  I'd like to think I help her with my awesome messages and spooning.   She insists it MORE SPOON!

Hope everyone is having fun this week.   Hopefully I'll have great tidings of great Joy that I have completed the initial draft of the Novel.   Then I can Shamelessly promote it on my blog forever.... Yeah.

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