Thursday, March 10, 2016

Killing off a Character..In just under 61,600 words!

That is correct!   I have crossed two mile stones today.   First:   I wrote over 60,000 words!   YEAH!   and second:   I killed off a main character.

First let's talk about the words.   Over 60,000 words...there...done.   Ok, that was easy!

Second,  The killing off of a character.   Murder is so fun to write about....I guess.   I mean,  it seems like lots of authors do it.   Why?   Not sure.  Maybe they really really hate that character and wait for the perfect moment to off them.

Case in point:   Sara.  One of 4 characters in the book.  And really one of the top two!   She is more of an antagonist in that she influences the way the narrator thinks and acts.   She was the reason he got hooked on the dragon eggs,  gave up his job,   sold his body, and began working for the dragons.  He ( the narrator)  did it all for her.  And since love is blind...(and a drug induced love is addictive, blind and DEAF!)....It makes sense that she is the major motivation  for the narrator to continue to make bad decisions.

Cheryl has been waiting forever for me to kill her off.   I guess bad women make good women hate them.   If this is the case, and the readers hate her; then I will have done my job.   I love movies where someone gets killed and the crowd CHEERS!   No one should cheer at another's misfortune...unless they deserve it.

So there it is.....Sara is dead.   Bye Sara!   Sayonara!  ( That is Japanese for "good bye forever!"  Which  apparently spell check does not know)   I liked Sara.   She was the culmination of ever bad girlfriend I have ever had.   (Which is really only one.   I was never the ladies man my brother is.)  And a whole bunch of other people I have read about or watched on TV.   She was very handy to have around whenever the narrator was about to make a "good" decision.

Perspective is everything!
Just as evil never sleeps,   Bad women doing bad things will never truly be gone forever.   I'll keep a small piece of Sara's character locked away in my character library for future reference.  Her death was satisfying.....And kind of bloody for those gore hounds out there.    ( Psst..She gets Eaten by a Dragon.....How cool is that!?! Eh?)     Perhaps I should reign it in a bit.  Being pumped about a scene of death is possibly a mark of a disturbed childhood.   And there were "moments".....My mom was crazy after all.   But Cheryl has informed me that she wanted Sara dead too...and Cheryl would not harm a fly!  (but she will kill scary!)

This must be what Cheryl feels when she runs a 14 mile long run.   A feeling of accomplishment.   I wrote  a little over 1700 words today and I'm still feeling the buzz!  Time to unwind and maybe veg out a bit.
  I have to think about my next move for the main character.   What does he do now that the "bad influence" has been killed off?   Will he finally make a good decision or continue down that road of doom?   And how will it all work out?   OH!  So much to think about I'm getting excited.  Best to leave a little water in the well for tomorrow.    We shall see.

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