Sunday, April 25, 2010

And Now for some Panels!

Remember these? I carved several of these about a year ago and I still have them! So I decided that they might as well be thrown into my Etsy shop as well. They still look pretty good, and it would be a shame to burn them up because they are taking up too much room. I don't know how many I'll post right away. Seeing that it is Sunday night and there usually is not a lot of traffic on Etsy on the weekends. Especially when it is getting nicer out every day. In other news, we have had several light sprinkles here and yesterday Cheryl found another moral! ( her first for the year) We went out on a walk on state land that produced for us in previous years, but found nothing this time. Michigan is getting pretty possessive of it's state land as of late. The place that used to be a simple parking spot with bike trails is now a "pay to stay" park! Don't get me wrong, they have done nothing to warrant the extra $6 to walk around on the state land. It just must mean that Michigan is broke and trying desperately to find new ways of income. Such is the government for you!

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Anonymous said...

OhOHOH, I can't wait for morel season here, we have another month! Beautiful carvings!


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