Monday, April 19, 2010

Deer Of the World On Etsy!

I finally listed them on Etsy. Don't let the price fool you! They took at least an entire week to complete! It's just that the garage is getting full and things have to move out. I have enjoyed them for a long time and have since moved on to bigger and better things. It was a nice exercise in carving. So now is your chance to own one of the collection. There area few gaps ( I previously sold the other ones.) like the caribou and axis deer. I may even add my Irish elk some time. But for now...Click on the right to see them up close and personal! Enjoy! Not show is the Roe deer, Barking deer, Axis deer, and Irish elk. Perhaps I'll post them later. Be sure to check out the Stag Moose!


Missy-Ellen said...

These are AMAZING! Reminds me of Josh Keyes work, stunning! :)

Orgo Cosmetics said...

Wow, did you make these? Looks like a lot of time and effort! Gorgeous work!!

Stephanie said...

I love the antlers on these! love love them! I was trying to make antlers out of sugar paste to use for a baking project but it was no easy task.

L. D. Burgus said...

They are wonderful pieces. You are very got at your carving. A craft it is not, but an artistic wonder.


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