Wednesday, April 21, 2010

And Then there were Boxes!

OK since I'm all over the place after the toilet seat, I decided to once gain list my boxes on Etsy. I did manage to sell a few of them before. but it took a long time and I guess I lost faith. But Cheryl says they have to move out and they make us nothing sitting on the shelf. I agree! It was a wonderful learning experience, but it is doubtful I will ever make these again for profit. Cheryl says I have been a bum since I have not had a "LARGE" project to keep me busy. It's funny because whe I was totally immersed in the wood elf, she complained that she never saw me! In other news, We found a couple more White Morals in our "secret' spot. it's been pretty dry and it still is rather early for them. A few more and We will have enough for that Puff Pastry Cheryl has been eager to try out. MMMmm Mmm!

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L. D. Burgus said...

I was thinking about mushrooms this afternoon. It is time to go looking.


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