Sunday, May 16, 2010

An afternoon at Rosy Mound

Rosy mound is a small but scenic county park in our area. Cheryl and I have known about this place for several years, but the city of Grand Haven ( Ottowa county?) has recently ( within the last 3 years anyway) upgraded this place from a small dirt trail through some public land to a wonderful groomed park with bathrooms and parking as well as steps taking you up and down the dunes. For several years Cheryl and I heard that there were rare stray butterflies there, Back in the day when we collected butters. Well today we found one. An Olympia marble white! I had to snag this pic off the Internet because I forgot my camera and besides I doubt I could have captured him anyway. There were several sightings all over the dunes so I would guess that the population is fairly established! I'm guessing the reason we never seen it before is because they probably only come out in the early spring. There were others butters there as well. My favorite the red admiral was all too common. Looks like Grand Haven is poised to have another awesome year where the population of Red Admirals is HUGE!

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