Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Trip to Michigan City...Indiana.

I know what you are thinking....Why didn't you check out the Perch farm while you were in Indiana? Right? ( of course that is what you are thinking!) Well, it just happens that the Perch Farm that is currently the largest producer of Yellow perch is found along the Indiana/Ohio Border. However, Michigan city is found along the Lake Shore next to the Chicago side. So what did we go there for you ask? The Outlet Mall! Nesteled in the shadow of a COOL ( and CLEAN>>>>ALL YOU GREENIES!) Nuclear Power Plant. I must say that it was a pretty nice one. Very clean with a large selection of stores. The main focus of my trip was to get another shirt from Eddie Bauer. They simply have the best closes for me. I have rarely come away from an Eddie Bauer without a purchase of some article of clothing that matches my look and feel. I was sad when our local Eddie Bauer in Holland Mi. left us. In the end, Cheryl and I got to leave the state once again ( if only for a small amount of time) and were able to visit a new place that was fun. I would recommend it to anyone in the area. Don't be intimidated by the power plant. Instead look at it as "why don't we have one of those in our neighborhood?"


Stephanie @ Clockwork Lemon said...

interesting photo of the power plant.. all i can think of when i see it is the simpsons

L. D. Burgus said...

Modern sculpture of the sixties.

Handi said...


what's up ole friend. See ya came down to my state lol. I live south of where you were. I live north of Indianapolis in a little town called Hartford city and east of Marion and south of fort Wayne.

Hope ya enjoyed your trip

M said...

The power plant is not nuclear. The ominous tower you see is a cooling tower for a coal and natural gas-fired power plant.


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