Sunday, May 30, 2010

Full Metal Alchemist....Is ours! Well, Part one anyway.

I didn't blog about this when we got it, but on the day it was released to stores, Cheryl and I ran out to purchase the English Dubbed version of Full metal Alchemist Brotherhood. Target was supposed to have it, but we found our version at Best Buy. After watching the first several episodes on Funimation, You just have to conclude that it is not the same as the Original Full Metal Alchemist. But sticks to the Manga more faithfully. I DO find it very entertaining on a different scale, however. It is much more action driven than the first one. I'm sure you probably have read most of this before in a previous post, But I just wanted to say that Funimation has done a great job dubbing it ( Of coarse!) and managed to talk most of the original cast to play their old roles once again. Edward just would not be the same without Vic! As for the new Alphonse! Maxey Whitehead does a GREAT job! She almost sounds like the old Aaron Desmuke from the original. (Sorry for the geek talk folks, If you are not a big Anime fan, you probably do not know who these people are. I understand.) So I'm giving it 4 stars ( out of five) at this point. ( Comeon, Nothing could be better than the original...there can be only one that good) I would recommend it to anyone. Go get your version now from Funimation or your local Best Buy. Enjoy!

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Weird said...

I just found you on the Etsy forums and you are the first one I ever stumbled upon who wrote about Full Metal Alchemist. I've enjoyed the original series, haven't read the manga and am currently waiting for more episodes of Brotherhood, which I also like a lot.
Just wanted to say hello :-)

Weird from


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