Monday, December 19, 2011

The Great Allenbrite Finale...As the Shop Cats Look on.

Last night was the last act for this Christmas season. We have been informed that it can not be guaranteed to arrive before Christmas after today...and people seem to have figured it out. Sales have finally slowed a bit and given us time to breath. We worked till the wee hours ( again) to get the final orders out on time so they should make it before Christmas. Now everything else is Bonus. It's actually a welcome relief. I'm sad that we did not make our sales goal this year, but we discovered many things about the company and our sales plan that will only help in the future. Plus, there are many things we got right this year, and the increased sales show it. So, like the shop cat, we have to now look out the window and see what the future has to bring us....while also looking behind us to see what might be there ready to pounce. Merry Christmas everyone.....perhaps now I will be able to blog a little more often with my new found time.

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