Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Putting the Sweet in Success!

So with our new found time, Cheryl and I have been making some treats for the family and postal workers that have made this years Allenbrite experience a stunning success! I wanted to get a box of these to the UPS guy why has also been influential, but I never seem to be able to catch him...And we are unlikely to have any new deliveries this things are looking rather bad at the moment. Who knows? Anyway, we tried our luck with some new chocolate truffles, along with some toffee, fudge, and white chocolate star clusters. My rule when making candy or any treats is to buy enough for at least two attempts....especially when you are in uncharted waters....what way, when you mess up, you can try again with the extra supplies. The truffles were like that. The first batch turned out looking more like lumps of dirt than decadent pearls of chocolate delite. So Cheryl worked on shaping while I worked on a better way to drop them on the paper without messing up the chocolate. In the end, they began to look like they were supposed to. So hope everyone else is having a great Christmas so far and having fun cooking, baking, and candy making. A special thanks to all those folks that made this years sales the best ever! We are truly thankful to everyone. Merry Christmas! ( If I don't get a chance to blog before the 24th....)

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Jenn/Neico's Knots said...

Wow! Those look absolutely scrumptious! I'm drooling over the white chocolate...


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