Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I have created a monster in the last few days of the Christmas Shipping season. The NAMES! They now take about three hours to do! This is a sample of ONE DAYS worth of name requests. I have finally had to limit the number of names we offered, but they continue to come's just that we are not getting paid for them now...AH well....I guess that was My bright Idea..but they have slowed to a controllable level now. I guess I should look at the names as a RUNAWAY success! ( cough cough!) Thanks to me, of coarse! I guess I should not be so hysterical then and just revel in the sales that are literally flooding in. ( we are Drowning!) Be careful what you wish WILL get it if you want it bad enough. Hope everyone else is surviving the Christmas Season. This has been even MORE of a roller coaster ride than last year...( AND THAT IS SAYING A LOT! 2010...Recap: Close business, sell everything, move to Iowa, start business over, succeed wildly!) 2011 recap: buy furniture, money runs out, get a job, quit job, restart business, SUCCEED WILDLY! Makes you wonder why we don't keep the business year round eh? Hopefully we will become a little wiser this year and cut the soul crushing job out of the equation. we shall see..

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Linda B said...

All the best to you in your success. fabulous!


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