Friday, December 16, 2011

Mountains of STOCKINGS! Hundreds! Thousands! Millions and Billions!

Ok Perhaps a slight exaggeration, but they are still coming. The good news is ( kinda good) that the sales have slowed down a bit and Cheryl and I have been able to catch things up with several all nighters. I say that is good because we are getting a little worn out. But it is not so good when you think that sales are slowing.. At this point I'm trying to harness the GREED gene that will allow me to work even harder to get that goal we set back in October. However, Greed or no greed, there are still only 25 hours in a day.....or was it 24? Honestly I have forgotten what day it even is! I can't even believe I have the time to blog! Ah well, I'll look back at this and sign with a smile on my face as I remember "those crazy days" of 2011. Hope everyone is having a great Christmas. If it is half as good as ours, you must be having a lot of fun! Lots of people are sending us responses that they LOVED their stockings...and that is really what motivates us now. It is fun bringing a little extra Christmas Cheer to peoples homes. ( makes me feel like an Elf!) Merry Christmas everyone!

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