Friday, May 18, 2012

More Origami, Crazy Neighbors, and Cool Things about Wellman

With me posting only once a week,  I have to be careful to try not to overfill each posting.    SoooooWhere to begin.    I guess with the Crazy neighbor who is very possessive about her parking spot.    At first,   there was no reason for concern.  But when I decided to park in the top slot  ( when she was gone for several was empty)  she decided to take a not so passive aggressive approach to getting her spot back.   This is how I know it is malicious.....she ALWAYS parks this closed to the driver side....even when I back into the spot.!  How am I to get into my car???!  ( Notice the space she COULD park in)   So,   She is old,  single, and very particular.....much like my mother used to be....So   I decided I don't want to be there when she snaps.   (My mother used to stand in the aisle of the church if someone sat in our front row seat...!  Thanks Mom!)   I now park down by the tree. 
Anyway,  I have been working on several Origami sculptures recently.  Just as when I was a wood carver,   everyone would give me wood....Now that I fold paper....people are giving me various types of paper to play with.   So of the stuff is not very good,,  but others are pretty cool!   I can't wait to see what i can do with them!
And finally:  There is so little in Wellman to show off that when we DO find something,  we have to take a picture.  
 This is of a tulip tree.   The only tulip trees I have ever seen where white.   But this one was green/yellow with a orange band.    Pretty cool!  
 So Cheryl and I decided to take a walk and snap a few pics.  


Hope everyone is having a great summer so far.  We continue to trudge along at ACT while working on stockings on the weekend.  Perhaps I'll have better origami to show off as the summer progresses and I get to use the latest paper.  We shall see!

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