Saturday, January 18, 2014

Origami Scorpion with Glassine

What a cool paper!   Glassine!   I’ve read about it from other origami Enthusiasts.   I never knew what type of paper it was until I found some at the local Blicks store.   Then I found out it can be wet folded! DSC_2858   DSC_2857






Well,  this called for an experiment.   I thought I would fold up a complicated model to see how far I can push the paper before it tears or breaks.DSC_2859    DSC_2871







I was happy to see that it is quite durable and holds a crease very well!   Next,  I would try to see how it would behave when wet folded.   Again I was impressed.  I may have fallen in love!  DSC_2872 DSC_2873



It still lacked one element….Color!   I experimented again with spray paint on a finished model. 


DSC_2875 DSC_2876 

The results are pretty cool.   Now I just have to dust off the Origami Insects book and see what I can do.   Paper has always been the limiting factor for me.   The thick cardstock simply does not allow for thin legs or antennae to be folded so they look passable.   Especially with Molecule folding. DSC_2884DSC_2909




Anyway,  just thought I would post a quick post on the blog as I seem to be neglecting it lately.    Cheryl and I have been fighting boredom as we wait for new felt colors and a game plan to get the stocking production under way.   We have had some good luck with the Embroidery machine putting names on the new stocking designs.   I can hardly wait for this next Christmas Season.   Kind of makes me sound like one of Santa’s Elves. 

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