Monday, January 27, 2014

Baking Cookies With Hello Kitty and The Great Ethan Allen

DSC_2927It has been a while since I have posted anything on the blog so I thought I should start to post anything just DSC_2932 to keep things current.  Much has happened!  We went to IKEA, went to Michigan during a snow storm, ( again!) someone crunched  our car,  Andy Fixed our car, and We have begun the stocking production while trickling in a few origami along the way.      


DSC_2935Unfortunately,  I only have pictures of Cheryl and I baking cookies together…so I will go with that.  I guess this was the first time since Christmas that Cheryl and I have had a chance to bake anything.  DSC_2936 Cheryl mostly wanted to show of her cool Hello Kitty apron while I get to show off my Chef Coat.   I mean:   You can’t get much  better than having my own name sewn onto the front.  

As usual, I was the stir master or this baking adventure.  Cheryl does not trust me with measuring, baking, or portion control. Nope….I get the job that any Kitchen Aid machine can do.  But Don’t I look cool in the Chef Coat?  I guess it was all worth it…

weather-kylerosbrook-highway%206%20south%20of%20REgina%20-%20whiteout-%20jan%208%202012-1As for other things,  Iowa is undergoing it’s ground breaking, record setting cold weather this year.  It is VERY cold outside today, with a very strong wind.   We still managed to go out for a walk in it.   indianamapCheryl says we have to start our exercise regiment to keep in shape and lose the Christmas Cheer we both gained.  ( I more than her!….Much more.)     So back to Origami and Sewing stockings.   The car runs great now with new brakes, ball joints, stabilizer bars and oil.  It also managed to make it home during the white out conditions around the “HORN OF LAKE MICHIGAN”

  And that is about it.   Nothing really happens from day to day here in Iowa.   I guess we should count our lucky stars and continue to work on the stocking business.  We shall see.

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