Sunday, May 11, 2014

Cool weekend With Cheryl and Ethan

DSC_4621 Finally!  A little bit of a break…for Cheryl!  She has been scoring at the SAT job for 8 hours then scores at home for Pearson for 2-3 hours!   IT is finally taken a toll on her and she decided to take a weekend mostly off.   I say mostly because she still scored a little on Saturday and today, but we managed to enjoy most of Friday and Saturday by ourselves.   

In addition to cooler weather and some rain,  we managed to go shopping a bit, and have a romantic evening with some wine and cheese.   The greedy paws you see there are not mine….they are the cat’s!   Hiro loved to steal our cheese as we are enjoying the tasting event.   

Anyway,  I finished a few origami beetles this weekend despite the short time I found myself having to fold.DSC_4613  And even now,  Cheryl wants to take some time to watch shows, so I should try to keep this posting brief.  HopefullyDSC_4615 I will have more time to post things later this week.  Lately, I have had very little energy to post anything after work.   Perhaps now that the chapters are all on, I can stick to these little blurbs once again.   We shall see.  Hope everyone has a great week!

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L. D. said...

I tried teaching a group of seventh graders the folds for a stork. It was a group of patient students that I had and still about 20 percent never made it to the end. I guess I did the German bell first as some of the kids needed easier directions to follow. Beetles are the best.


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