Wednesday, May 28, 2014

When Fate Deals you a Losing Hand!

thCAX1APTE It simply would not be right if I did not blog about this.  The LOANER car that the Landlords graciously offered to us while we wait for the Subie to get fixed….DROPPED IT’S TRANSMISSION!   In Iowa City!  In the Middle of the Intersection of 6 lane Boulevard!  pushin' the van


Ok,  Breath Deep.   Think happy thoughts…..and rub toes on carpeting. 




Now.    What do you do when two vehicles decide to leave you stranded within a three day period? untitled  I guess we should have rented a car after all.  I guess the landlords are not going to be happy finding out that their vehicle is broke after they loaned it to us.  I guess we did have to pay to have a vehicle towed down highway 1 after all!  I guess there is no reason to continue being heroic trying to get to the job for the remainder of the week.    I’m not sure just how much more “bad” luck I can handle.  OR Afford! 


Ok,  I feel better now.   Tomorrow is a new day and perhaps maybe the clouds will clear ever so briefly to allow us  the opportunity to get back to our totally normal boring life.   Seriously!  Who needs this much drama? ( or comedy…depending on how you look at it)

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