Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My Ordinary Life Anime


[animepaper_net]picture-standard-anime-nichijou-nichijou-picture-174143-hyde333-preview-ac37a5b2    Another great anime found on Crunchyroll.   This is a mis-mash Comedy that has very random events mixed with sometimes peaceful moments and cultural puns that are quite entertaining.  Cheryl was not as enchanted as I was.  I guess I’m a easy crowd for situation comedy.  nichijou The Vice Principal wrestles a deer in the middle of the school court yard and only the “trouble maker” girl witnesses it….and is unable to tell anyone because of her “compromised position. “ 



A stray cat that is able to talk because of a bandana around his neck.  4758-1746929403


A robot girl with a little girl professor that built her. thCAXJ5C3J 


A girl who is an awesome artist, but draws yaoi manga…and thus can never show anyone how good she can draw.  You really have to know a bit more of the culture and pick up te little nichijou-1-bannerthings to make this anime worth while.   I rewatch scenes over and over because they hit the humor button on so many levels.  

Anyway,  give it a try Here:

The English Sub is not too difficult to navgate, so I’m sure even the slowest reader will be ok.   Enjoy!551498-nichijou4_super


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