Friday, September 19, 2014

ACT Finale! With Hummingbirds....

Let's start with the good news first:  I finally was able to capture my own hummingbird pictures!   They are remarkably friendly!   Or Hungry.....Not sure which.    It has been warm in the evenings and even though the mornings are cold, the hummers still are hanging on.   I recently filled up the feeder with perhaps my sweetest concoction of sugar water yet.   Chemically speaking, I'm not sure just how far I can go before the sugar will crystalize at room temperature.  Anyway,  the hummers seem to love it and continue to visit and swarm the feeder into the setting sun hours of the day.

I guess they are Ruby Throats.   Judging from the small red dot on one of the hummers neck.   I'm still fairly certain that I had a Black Chinned hummingbird visit earlier this summer....but I'm not 100% sure.   Even Ruby throated hummingbirds can appear to have a black throat if the angle of the sun is just right.    In the end,  it doesn't matter.   I still like the Ruby throats all the same.

I shall enjoy the show while it lasts.....In the mean time:

  ACT is going the way of the Dodo.  That is to say....( for clarity)  That the scoring section of ACT is going extinct.   Today was our last day. 

They ended the project early and told us that Friday was the end of things.   Also,  they are laying off all of the senior staff there that runs the projects.  We have been skeptical for a while whether we would ever get hired again.   We were lucky to nab onto this one!   But now....our doubts have been confirmed.   ACT will stick to the college tests and probably GMAT.  ( the ones that continue to make money..I guess) but the 'dipping of the toe' into the High school waters has appeared to prove too cold for the exec's.   It's all good.   We were ready to move on anyway.   It's sad to see some of the folks that we have grown fold of over the last several years lose their source of income.  But I'm sure many of them ( Even Cheryl and I) have been down this road before and I'm sure they will pull through to greener pastures.  Time will tell.  

In the mean time.  Enjoy ths supper short video of the hummers.  I was able to get pretty close to them!  Maybe they will eventually sit on my hand and sip nectar our of my palm.  Wouldn't that be cool! 

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