Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Origami Anyone?

  DSC_6414 What is there to blog about other than origami anyway?  DSC_6411 I mean,  this was called the midnight carver once because all I ever did was carve wood.  Now I fold paper.   And my life is rather boring on a daily basis.

We have started another project for ACT recently and this one is cool!   Easy to score and the prompts fly by.  We get to work with all the cool people in our peer group and the trainings are interesting.  However…..sales are beginning to pick up and coming hoe zapped every night is beginning to strain our happy sales.   It’s a curious thing because we like working at DSC_6387ACT and we hear the work is slowly drying up so we should try to gather as much ACT as we can in the remaining time.   However…Stockings have always been priority when it comes to this time of year.   Similar to the Iowa Harvest I guess.

With that being said,  we have to make decisions on whether we wish to take another project following this one.   We shall see when the time presents itself.  In the mean time…enjoy the origami…

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