Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Adventures with Cheryl ( and Ethan) : The Beer Float

f9a8aa02a380637bfba6a4bc5314008d  Well,  Technically this was all Cheryl's Idea.  My only contribution was that I failed to oppose it.  Cheryl liked the Three Philosophers so much, she put forth the Idea that we should make a float out of it with a “really good Ice cream!”   Stracciatella_gelatoI like beer….I like Ice Cream.   What could possibly go wrong?

Well,  First….Really good Ice cream in Cheryl’s book is Gelato.  And not just vanilla…Oh no!   It has to be Caramel Sea Salt.  This is where a few problems come in.   The Caramel Sea Salt Gelato has “Chunks” in it.   Little chocolate covered caramel bits that have a nice semi sweet salty taste.  ( sounds pretty good….if you plan on not making a float of any kind) DSC_6523

In case you fail to see the logical problem with this.   I’ll reveal a little spoiler:   Chocolate covered Caramels do NOT dissolve in beer….Let alone ANY liquid. Your Smooth creamy taste is going to be interrupted with “texture” .   Again…..Texture is fine…in say:  A sundae.   But not in a float.

DSC_6528 Then there is the Chemical reaction that occurs when you pour beer over ice cream.   I’m not sure what processes are going on..but it does this to the foam.  At first I didn’t think it looked that bad.   The Dark Brown color gave it a rich caramel look…..However….if you look at it from another angle.  It looks like  a bubbling brew of toxic waste.


Still need help?  Let’s change the color a bit. DSC_6529

Then there is the flavor.   Despite the texture,  I actually did not think the flavor was that bad.   Sure,  I would most likely no seek it out again.    But it was at least palatable.  I have eaten Worse things before.   I do not, however, like to be reminded of those events.648c92d0e54a174fb8311ecd4079043f untitled   Cheryl on the other hand, was not so forgiving.  She ended up giving my the remainder of her float and noted that she though the “Two Great Tastes…..do not always Taste Great Together.” In this case,  it would appear that the two great testes cancel each other out. 

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